5 Jewelry Tips Every Woman Must Know

Jewelry can add some elegance and class to your style. If you’re not a fan of wearing costume jewelry that often ends up looking tacky, you must have a scrutinizing eye to spot expensive-looking jewelry that’s worth the investment. Whether you wish to invest in high-end jewelry, or simply wish to make your style more glamorous, keep on reading for the 5 jewelry tips every woman must know.

  1. Mixing metals is a trendy and modern way of accessorizing.

edgy jewelry with silver cuffs

silver choker with gold bracelet

Fashion rule of wearing silver with silver and gold with gold are long gone. If you wish to look trendy without wearing over-the-top accessories or costume jewelry, mix your metals. Since white gold and platinum prices are so high, you can take advantage of silver. Just get a polishing cloth to keep it from tarnishing. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, think of mixing your sterling silver jewelry as well as stainless steel ones mixed with gold accents to create a modern look.

  1. Just because a stone is a genuine diamond, ruby, sapphire, or emerald doesn’t mean it’s valuable.

jewelled cross necklace ruby red earrings with necklace emerald bib necklace

“I can show you some that aren’t worth 50 cents a karat because they’re cloudy or dull, but I can still sell them to you for a big profit’ says a jeweler. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, think of an emerald bib necklace that can add some pop of color to your outfits in a classy way. Or, think of matching the color of your evening dress with the color of your jewelry that will surely look fabulous. If you wish to go double duty on your jewelry as an accessory and a charm, opt for your birthstones. However, before you complain about your birthstone, find out whether it comes in other colors as most do. November’s topaz, for instance, can be blue, yellow, green, purple, or pink.

  1. If the diamond has been “clarity enhanced,” it basically means it had fractures that filled with glass.

gold rings with bracelet statement chandelier earrings

There may be some jewelers who don’t tell their customers the diamond they’re buying is fracture-filled. If the diamond has been “clarity enhanced,” it basically means it had fractures that filled with glass. However, it can be a cheaper means to look glamorous and classy without going full priced on a precious stone.

  1. Price is not an indicator of high-quality jewelry.

classy gold jewelry gold cuffs with statement earrings

Women tend to think that stores that do a lot of volumes can give you the best price, but the reality is that the markups at national chains are often a lot higher than the markups at independent jewelry stores. So, you may think of visiting some of the reputable jewelry stores that can give you high-end jewelry in a cheaper price.

  1. Have your passed-on jewelry altered rather than letting it sit in your jewelry box.

statement necklace with chandelier earrings serpent emerald cuff classy ruby jewelry

If you have a ring that was passed on, but it’s not to your taste, bring it in and have me take the stones out, rearrange it, put it in a new setting. By knowing these tricks, you’ll be able to take your accessorizing tricks to new heights with the help of classy jewelry.

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