5 Iconic Ponytail Hairdos for Every Occasion

Easy and stylish: these are just some of the many words that describe ponytail hairdos. Perfect for spring (even summer,) ponytail hairdos can make you look effortlessly stunning. If you are a ponytail girl, then make sure to try out these iconic ponytail hairdos for every occasion.

Side Ponytail

Hair, like real estate, is all about location, location, location! If you are bored with your usual ponytail hairdos, then bring the bunch of your hair to the side. If you plan on attending a formal event, a sleek side ponytail is the way to go. But if you’re headed to work or to a dessert date with friends, then go for a slightly messy side ponytail.

side ponytail

side pony

High Pony

High ponytail hairdos are usually reminiscent of cheerleaders, but the resurgence of said styles shows that it’s one of the most sophisticated hairstyles to try out. Popularized then by Barbara Eden of the “I Dream of Jeannie” fame, the high pony has become an easy way to glamorize your look for after-work events. You can wrap your pony in a simple scrunchie, or be au naturel by wrapping some of your locks around your pony.

gigi high pony high pony

Curly Pony

The curly pony, as popularized by Sandra Dee, is one of the best ponytail hairdos for ladies. Truly versatile, you can wear it at work – or during a glamorous nighttime even. This hairstyle is perfect for all hair lengths – as you can achieve the same romantic look anyway. You are lucky if you are naturally curly – but if you’re not, a curling iron will do you good. Curl your bangs or some of your front hair for a truly charming look.

curly pony pony hairdo

Pouf Ponytail

Most ponytail hairdos are all about sleek locks. But if you want to deviate from this norm, you can do so with a pouf ponytail. Instead of tightening your ponytail or applying pomade on your locks, let loose and add some volume into your look. While this is appropriate for nighttime events, a semi-disheveled pouf ponytail can be worn during work or during casual mall tours as well.

pouf pony pouf ponytail

Braid Ponytail

Looking for more elegant ponytail hairdos? All you just have to do is braid the end of your pony. You can go for a sleek braid, or a more laidback fishtail braid. Whatever your hair length might be – or your choice even – braid ponytail hairdos redefine your overall appearance.

blake braid hairstyle braid ponytail

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