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5 Iconic Headbands to Wear

Fixing your hair this spring need not elaborate haircuts or complicated hairdos. It can be as simple as wearing iconic headbands – as popularized by the fashion symbols of the past and the present.

White Headband

Compared to other iconic headbands, Audrey Hepburn’s white headband proves to be the simplest – and the most refined. You can achieve the classy look easily by wrapping your white handkerchief or a thick white satin strand around your crowning glory. Then again, you can purchase a white ribbon headband and achieve the dainty look as seen on Audrey below.

white headband

audrey white headband

Sophisticated Headband

Who says you need a poufed-up hair to look glamorous? Sophisticated iconic headbands are enough to do the trick, as evidenced by the late Grace Kelly. The Princess of Monaco always looks effortless in her sophisticated headbands – be it gold, black, or just a satin ribbon. Like the beautiful movie icon, you can immediately look elegant simply by completing your look with a sophisticated headband.

grace kelly headband grace kelly headbands

Bejeweled Headband

Want to look perfect for a nighttime event but just don’t have enough time to go to the salon? You need not fret as the bejeweled headband can save the day. Popularized by the late Princess Diana, this is one of the finest iconic headbands to wear for when you want to look elegant effortlessly. You can wear it as it is – or you can emulate the late Princess of Wales by wearing your bejeweled headband around the hairline. This can give you the contradictive yet classy gypsy look.

Easy tip: Have a sparkly choker that you don’t wear anymore? This will pass as a good gypsy-ish headband around your hairline. Because of its snug fit, you don’t have to worry about it falling down your face.

diana headband bejeweled headband

Underwrap Headband

Popularized by movie star Gloria Swanson, an underwrap is one of the best iconic headbands for ladies under prep time pressure. In fact, it’s a great alternative for bad hair days. As the name suggests, it goes as easy as wrapping your locks around the headband. Tribal prints are usually favored, but you can always stay sophisticated in plain or bejeweled underwrap headbands.

underwrap underwrap headband


Like the underwrap, a headwrap is one of the iconic headbands that lazy, no-time girls can try this spring. Popularized by the supermodel that is Twiggy, a headwrap is a full battle gear for ladies with unbelievable bad hair days. Apart from organizing your locks, a headwrap is a good way to channel the 60’s style that most people are clamoring for right now.

twiggy headwrap headwrap

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