5 Hip Bag Trends to Try Out

If you are a bag lover, then here is one reason to buy a new tote – there are just so many hip bag trends to try out! Be a true trendsetter by investing in any (or all) of these latest bag trends.

Nano Bags

Nano bag trends are the true definitions of “small but terrible.” Also known as the micro bag, this teeny-tiny tote is spacious enough for your essentials – keys, phone, and your ATM or credit cards. This is the perfect option for ladies who want clean, minimalist-style pouches. If you are thinking of taking a break from your big, obnoxious handbags, then the nano bag is something you should try out.

kendall jenner nano bag

nano bag in black

Small Totes

If the nano bag is too tiny for you, you need not panic as you can still rock the latest bag trends by investing in a cute small tote. This stylish alternative for a fanny pack or clutch is just as fashion-forward, although it allows storage for a few more things. A small tote is the best choice for a lady who wants to be able to bring her essentials, without having to tote around an ultra-big bag.

small white tote red small tote

Saddle Bags

Spring and summer are just around the corner. With that being said, one of the best bag trends for the upcoming seasons is the saddle bag. Undoubtedly stylish, the saddle bag has an air of retro chicness in its appearance. Because most saddle bags are made from structured leather, they look great with virtually any outfit – be it a flirty summer dress or a modern blazer-and-skirt combo.

nude saddle bag pink satchel bag

Minimalist-Style Bags

Simple is always better, especially with bag trends. If you are not a fan of big, bright, or heavily-labeled bags, then the minimalist-style tote is perfect for you. Truly versatile, this bag is something that looks good with a simple attire – or an outlandish one. In fact, it can be your ultimate go-to bag. Because of its clean design, a minimalist-style bag is something you can rely on for the years to come.

minimalist bag minimalist suede bag

Structured Bags

If you want to look impeccable at work or at play, then opt for structured bag trends. A timeless fashion investment, a structured bag is something you can don at a party this age – or at a fund-raiser some 5 years from now. Although its well-designed style is something more appropriate for the office, worry not as you can take it out on casual getaways as well. It’s just a matter of projecting the flair you wish to achieve.

structured red tote structured black bag

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