5 Grandma-Inspired Fashion Pieces you Can Actually Wear

Apart from munching on granny’s choco chip cookies, there is another thing that will make you want to visit her: her decades-old fashion pieces. These vintage items are so hot right now that you ought to incorporate them into your modern-day outfits. Create a unique look with these grandma-inspired fashion pieces that you can actually pull off.

Chic Suits

If your grandma did some office work before, then she probably has a collection of chic suits in her closet. Now this is good news for you, especially if you want to revamp your entire work outfit. Vintage fashion pieces such as chic suits will definitely make you look more respectable – in a tasteful archetypal light. And because it’s vintage, you can be sure that nobody can have the same items that you are wearing.

vintage suit

beige suit flannel suit

Crochet Knits

Remember how much you hated the knits she crocheted for you? Now, you wish you can take the retaliation back as knits have become some of the hottest grandma-inspired fashion pieces for spring. While a crochet knit sweater might be your go-to item, you can widen your horizons by wearing a knit dress or a colorful knitted scarf.

knit dress crochet knit top

Below-the-Knee Skirts

While mini skirts are all the rage nowadays, there’s no reason why you should be ‘more conservative’ with below-the-knee hemline skirts. Chic and sophisticated, they make for good options for work wear. How to get your grandma’s prized skirts? Wear your ultra short skirts at your grandma’s house and you will surely give her a headache. Her desire to see you dress up in demure clothes will prod her to give her vintage skirts away!

midi skirt green midi skirt printed midi skirt

Structured Bag

One of the best fashion pieces that you can find in your grandma’s closet is the structured bag. Her vintage satchels, more often than not, are made of high-quality leather that you wouldn’t find in boutiques (or you might find one – an expensive version at that!) So be a good girl so that your grandma will give you her structured bags right away!

printed structured bag taylor swift bag structured bag


As for shoes, loafers have made a huge comeback and they are more popular than ever! While there are many styles available in the market, nothing beats the classic fashion pieces that your grandmother has. So if you want to create a vintage style with shoes that you won’t find in any other store, then do start ransacking your granny’s shoe closet – with permission, of course!

studded loafers loafer shoes black loafers

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