5 Fresh Ways to Wear Florals

Florals have always been one of the fan favorites when it comes to spring and summer prints. They’re pretty and they add a nice feminine flair to any look which is why a lot of women love wearing florals whenever they can. While nothing’s wrong with sporting the same print all the time, it sure would be nice if we could somehow make florals look fresh again, no? In case you’re looking for inspiration, here are a few fresh ways to wear florals, not just for spring but all year long.



If you love florals so much, why don’t you double up on your dose and wear it while channeling the print on print trend that’s everywhere nowadays? Print on print is so much easier to pull off when the print is in season, so take advantage of spring and wear your favorite floral pieces together now.floral on floral outfit idea

floral on floral



If you’re thinking of wearing floral on floral but are afraid that you won’t be able to pull it off, you can go for a safer alternative that is floral separates. Separates are super hot and on trend right now and wearing the trend in floral is a really chic way to do it in spring.double floral suit double floral top and shorts



Another really clever and fashionable way to wear florals this spring is to sport a cute little jumpsuit. It doesn’t have to be overly floral, if that’s what’s throwing you off from the whole floral print trend. You can wear something with as subtle a floral print as possible or it can be floral all over. It’s totally your choice to make.jumpsuit with floral and tropical prints jumpsuit outfit white floral



Florals aren’t always the first prints you go to when you want to achieve that punk rock vibe but who says you can’t play around and maybe even actually wear the idea? Adding floral prints to an outfit that’s meant to give off strong punk-ish vibes is a great way to add a nice and subtle feminine touch to it.punk outfit with floral s punk ish vibe with florals



You know how sometimes you feel like a certain style or cut is a little too sexy that you might come off racy without meaning to? Well, one simple solution to take away some of the sexy and add in a bit of cute and girly is to wear these sexy cuts with florals. Here are a few pictures that show proof of just how florals can make anything look sweet and sophisticated.super sexy off shoulder crop top super sexy floral dress



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