5 Fashionable Ways to Wear Mules

If you’re looking for a comfortable and chic alternative for your pair of slip-on sneakers, mules might be great for you. Fashionable and trendy, mules are high-vamped slip-on shoes with an open back that exposes the heel without ankle straps that grip your feet. Like slip-on sneakers, you can wear mules with ease. However, it can slip off as you stride and create a clacking noise as you walk so you must opt for a perfect fit in comfortable materials. If you think mules are the feminine version of the ugly Birkenstock sandals, keep on reading for our 5 fashionable ways of wearing mules.

  1. Pick the chic style of mules that go perfectly with your sophisticated outfit.

all black outfit with mules

black cut out dress with mules mules with button down shirt yellow outfit with gold mules

When planning to wear your mules with a feminine dress, flirty skirt, and dressy jumpsuit, opt the styles that look great when worn with them. There are mules with round and pointy toes as well as peep toes that can show off your sexy feet. Heel shapes can be stiletto, chunky, or wedged for where the pointy heels look dressier while the chunky heels look more laidback. Also, you may match the color of your mules with the color of your outfit like Olivia Palermo did pairing her golden mules with her yellow-gold dress that created a coordinated and fashionable style.

  1. Opt for neutral shades of mules to make them look elegant and chic.

blue maxi dress with mules fur coat with jogger pants and mules leather mules with corporate outfit white wrap dress with mules

If you’re wearing a brightly colored dress and don’t want to get a blue pair of mules, then simply stick to neutral shades of black, brown, gray, or nude to keep it chic. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may opt for a pair of nude-colored mules that closely matches the color of your skin tone to make you look taller. If you have heavy thighs and legs, better opt for chunky heels as wearing pointy heels will only make you look heavier and your body disproportional.

  1. Dress up your casual denim items with chic-looking mules.

denim jumpsuit with mules denim skirt with statement jacket and mules knitted top with mules

If you’re used to wearing slip-on sneakers with your denim outfits, try to make your style dressier with mules. Mules of the same or similar color of your jeans extend your leg length making you look taller than you are. If you can’t go for the similar shade, select the shade that creates lower contrast when worn with your denim jeans. Mules with chunky heels or kitten heels look more laidback and cool to match your denim outfit compared to sky high stilettos.

  1. Play with your outfit silhouette to create a stylish and coordinated look with mules.

artistic outfit with mules billowy top and skirt with mules checkered outfit and leather jacket with mules slit skirt and button down shirt with mules slit skirt with mules

Mules are known for their unique structure whether a high vamp, peep-toe, or open-back style. Complement them by creating a structured look with your tailored coats, high-slit skirts, asymmetrical dress, or even with a billowy outfit. Wearing structured and edgy patterns, architectural prints, and even geometric prints will create a great and fashionable outfit while looking trendy and laidback.

  1. Wear other structured accessories to complement the theme of your look.

backless dress and structured bag with mules statemebt bag with chic outfit and mules statement sunglasses with shirt dress and mules structured coat with mules

Accessories can make or break an outfit so be selective in wearing them. It’s up to you whether you wish to contrast or complement your accessories with the structure of your mules, but be sure to make it look intentional and clear to keep it fashionable and trendy. A structured bag, wide or slim belt, and statement sunglasses can be great to channel the theme you’re trying to create on your outfit.

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