5 Fashionable Styles You Can Create with Poncho

Extremely boxy and unstructured, ponchos may sometime look sloppy and overwhelming for your frame. However, when styled properly it can create a fabulous and flattering look whether you’re into bohemian style, classic style, modern style and such. Since ponchos are a practical and fashionable option to wear over equally trendy oversized knitwear, keep on reading for fashionable styles you can create with poncho.

  1. Sophisticated and Chic Style

black poncho with jeans

black poncho with skinny pants emerald green poncho with dressy pants gold necklace with poncho lace poncho with shorts

Since ponchos are cozy and comfortable due to its loose, soft, and drapey fabric, look for chic style ponchos that can dress up your casual looks. Fabrics like chiffon, silk, satin, as well as knits look more dressy and chic, especially in neutral and classic shades. If you feel your poncho is too billowy as your top, creatively cinch a belt to add some waist definition on your outfit. Stick to chic colors like jewel tones, classic colors, and neutral shades to keep the look chic, as bright and neon colors are too flashy that can take the sophistication away from you.

  1. Bohemian and Hippie Style

poncho with camel pants flared pants with poncho poncho with flared jeans

If you’re a fan of bohemian style, go for ponchos in woven fabrics or knitted ones. Though earthy shades of mustard, rust, brown, camel, red and such are the trademark of the 70s fashion, you may go for tribal prints to make your outfit look more bohemian. Incorporate some accessories made from suede and leather as well as details like tassels and fringe that can add up to your statement.

  1. Winter-Friendly Style

knitted poncho with knee high boots poncho with white denim and uggs

Since ponchos are quite insulating, you may trade your typical winter sweater and tops with a poncho. Opt for thicker and heavier fabric for a more insulation in a chilly season. Though Ugg boots are the best footwear for the winter, you may still go for knee-high or even thigh high boots to make your style more polished while giving you a cozy and comfortable outfit.

  1. Vintage Fashion Style

gray poncho with floppy hat plaid poncho with belt V-neck poncho with jeans

If you’re a fan of retro and vintage fashion, look for poncho in vintage fabrics or even vintage prints. Retro floral, plaids, and such can be a stylish option if you’re feeling bored wearing solid-colored ponchos. However, if you’re not a fan of prints, go for monochrome dressing pairing the color of your poncho with the color of your boots. This way, you’ll still look stylish, but not so trendy, perfect for a vintage style.

  1. Modern Street Style

modern poncho with pants green asymmetrical poncho with jeans colorful poncho with boots asymmetrical poncho with jeans

Ponchos can look modern and avant-garde too as opposed to what you’re thinking. There are styles with asymmetrical cuts, longer the length, tapered sleeves, and more overwhelming drapes. But you can create a modern style with a structured look by wearing ponchos in shorter lengths and softer fabric that hugs the body. Asymmetrical hemlines create interesting lines on the body that draw the eye up and down.

Since ponchos come in all sorts of silhouettes, lengths, fabrics, colors, and styles, go for ones that flatter your figure and define your fashion style. If you ever find the excess fabric annoying, be creative styling them with a belt to bring back the arty, whimsical, and dramatic look.

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