5 Fashion Staples to Ace Your Job Interviews

Wearing formal clothes and polished shoes has even been proven to boost confidence, at the same time makes your colleagues perceive you as more intelligent. According to research, the majority of interviewers decide within the first 30 seconds whether or not they would offer you the job based on how you’re dressed. So, if you don’t dress the part, you’re given the mental axe before your job interview has even started. Keep on reading for the 5 fashion staples you need to incorporate into your professional wardrobe to ace your job interviews.

  1. Blazers

double breasted blazer with office skirt

white suit with dress pants

Clothing styles and trends are constantly changing, but having a few classic pieces in your closet that you can mix and match will go a long way when it comes to dressing professionally. Blazers are the fashion staple to every corporate outfit. According to stylist Kirsty Bryant, you can even own a few in solid colors such as black, navy, and khaki, and pair them with colorful printed shirts. According to color psychology, black and navy blue are the preferred colors of hiring managers when it comes to interview attire, where wearing black add some leadership to your image.

  1. Sleek and polished suit.

cobalt blue outfit with structured bag olive green office outfit with blazerwhite suit with white skirt

A sleek and polished suit makes you look instantly put together and professional. If you’re working in a corporate office, opt for a set in a neutral color. However, creative and casual offices are exception to this, as those dress codes encourage stylistic creativity. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, you may opt for an olive green matching set of top and pencil skirt and top with a navy tweed blazer that still looks professional.

  1. Classy and comfortable pair of pumps.

creative office outfit with classic pumps white pants with classic pumps and striped coat

If you’re going in for an interview, skip high heels that make you feel uncomfortable, or ones that you might trip in. Remember, body language is responsible for a person’s impression of you. Kirsty recommends a pair of sturdy, comfortable shoes in a nude or black shade that will go well with any of your office outfits.

  1. Structured bag

black suit with dress pants coat with job interview outfit

Your backpacks, party clutches, and cross body bags won’t going to cut it in the professional world. A leather or faux leather bags with a good structure even tote bags in brown, gray, or black can be smart enough. Skip those oversized hobo bags that will only look sloppy and slouchy and opt for structured bags to add some good impression to you.

  1. Patterned Top or Dress

checkered dress with collared shirt and office pumps tuxedo blazer with suit and white top polka dot blouse with white skirt and classic pumps

Depending on the job you’ll be interviewing for, tops or dresses with patterns help to breathe some life into your wardrobe without making you appear too dressed down. A great thing is they pair well with solid blazers and trousers. This is where you can spice things up. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, you may opt for a polka dot print blouse in black and white shades that will look classy at the same time creative. You may also add colors and patterns to break up the monotony of pencil skirts and slacks. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to dress your part and ace your job interviews.

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