5 Fashion Items that Are Better Worn Long

Sometimes, especially during the spring and summer time, when we add pieces of clothing to our wardrobe, we prefer to go with those that are shorter in length. In fact, some people think that anything that is shorter is better. Personally, though, I think that some pieces are best worn long while others look better worn short. Here are a few fashion items that are better worn long, no matter what time of the year it is.

  1. Skirts – miniskirts may look sexy and all but when it comes to comfort, nothing beats a maxi skirt. With a maxi skirt, you’re free to do whatever you want and move however you like. Style wise, maxi skirts are a point or two ahead of miniskirts, too, in my opinion because they’re easier to mix and match with and they can be worn just about anywhere with any style.maxi skirt in pink
    maxi skirt with slit and prints
  2. Bell sleeves – Boho and gypsy style lovers know that when it comes to bell sleeves, the longer it is, the better it looks. Longer bell sleeves just have more of a dramatic flair to them compared to shorter ones and they have much better movement and shape, too.belle sleeved top and jeans bell sleeves white boho dress
  3. Tank tops – if you’re the kind of girl who loves donning easy breezy outfits every day, tank tops are a definite must for you. Regular tank tops are fine but personally, I’d take a long tank top over the regular one any day just because longer tank tops have a more relaxed look and feel to them plus they have less of that uniform-y vibe compared to regular tanks.long striped tank top long tank top airport outfit
  4. Vest – you may have already seen it on your favorite fashion bloggers – maxi vests are now a thing and they’re one of the best pieces you can add to your wardrobe, no matter what your style is. Maxi vests are super chic and stylish. They add an air of sophistication to any look without making it feel too dressy. It’s the perfect outerwear to go for if you want something that will transform your look and take it to the next level.vest and dress combo vest and striped mini dress with strappy heels
  5. Scarves – when it comes to scarves, more is more. Longer scarves mean more styling possibilities since the length is really what sets limits when it comes to tying your scarves and styling them with your outfits. Longer scarves can be used as belts, wrap skirts for the beach, cover ups for your bikini and so much more!scarf secured with a belt scarf draped around neck


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