5 Fashion Formulas for Awesome Outfits Every Time

Whether we’re going to a casual weekend outing or a dressier evening event, we would rather look fabulous instantly than spending an inordinate amount of time deciding what to wear. So, keep on reading for our 5 fashion formulas that work regardless of the seasons and for almost any occasion.

  1. Go for a tonal or monochromatic dressing.

black top with silk skirt

winter white outfit with classic pumps red jumpsuit with sandals cobalt blue coat with jeans coat with all white outfit and boots

If you’re not good on mixing and matching your ensembles, simply stick to a monochromatic or tonal way of dressing that will keep your outfit awesome. Though a perfect fit is the most important thing to remember, some women are embracing the oversized and billowy trend that you may find challenging to wear. This time, use the trick to make your outfits look polished and sleek even though it doesn’t define your waist compared to your other well-fitting pieces. If you’re looking for a chic style in the winter, keep your layers in a monochromatic look like fashion blogger Jenny Bernstein did. When it gets a little hot in the summer, embrace your lightweight ensembles by wearing them monochromatically.

  1. Opt for a black-and-white combination.

black and white outfit with pants black pants with white poncho black and white outfit with peep toe boots striped blazer and clutch with polka dots dress white top with sheer skirt

Classic and timeless, the black-and-white combination is the basic look you may go for regardless of your fashion style and season. Whether you wish to wear your poncho and jeans in the winter, or your leather jacket and pants in the fall, the combination always create a cohesive look every time. Think of mixing prints this summer? Go for black and white combination on your prints to create a cohesive and sleek look, especially if you’re just a beginner on wearing the challenging trend.

  1. Team plain with prints.

floral pants with chambray shirt tartan pants with sweater and baseball cap printed pants with white top floral pants with white tank and chambray shirt checkered top with skinny jeans

Teaming your plain pieces with printed ensembles is a timeless way of getting a creative style. Just pay attention to your accessories like a bag or a pair of shoes as they will count on your overall looks. Like fashion blogger Jessica Ricks, you may opt for a pair of floral print pants, but keep your top piece and accessories plain and muted so you’ll keep that cohesive look, especially if you’re a fan of wearing slouchy and oversized pieces.

  1. Pair fitted pieces with flared or boxy ensembles.

boxy tee with pencil miniskirt white top with graphic maxi skirt full skirt with fitted top checkered pleated skirt with white top and pastel coat

Though wearing oversized with oversized became a major trend right now, you must follow the fit-and-flare rule if you’re aiming for a cohesive and awesome style. For instance, you may wear a fitted miniskirt, but keep your top piece boxy. Or, opt for a fitted top and go for a flared skirt or trousers. This way, you’ll keep the balance on your outfit while looking awesome on your street looks.

  1. Belt your waist.

turtleneck vest with belt and dress coat with belt and pants checkered skirt with black top belt with vest and boxy pants white top with maxi skirt

If you’re really a fan of wearing shapeless dresses, oversized coats, and slouchy tops, simply belt your waist to keep your figure a bit womanly. Summer may be a time for lightweight tops and dresses, but think of defining your waist with a belt, or else your waist will look as wide as your hips. Also, the formula works in the winter where heavy layers of clothing are present. By following these 5 fashion formulas, you’ll be sure to create awesome outfits every time.

We find these formulas work every time to create interesting outfits. Since we find fashion bloggers—women who know a thing or two about putting together outfit people love to look at—often use the formula themselves, make use of these tricks to create fashion-forward outfits.

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