5 Fall Trends for Petite Ladies

If you’re a petite girl, you know very well the struggle of trying to keep up with the trends. Oversized shirts are cute and all, but on petite women it just looks like a somewhat glamorous tent. This fall, though, there are lots of trends coming out that are perfect for the fun-sized ladies who love to dress up. Check out these cute and stylish fall trends for petite ladies that you’ll want to sport immediately.


  1. Mini purse – so many fashion powerhouses are coming out with the cutest mini purses for all the petite fashionistas out there. My personal favorite this fall is the Louis Vuitton Palm Springs mini backpack. It’s so cute, it’s perfect for everyday wear and it adds a nice touch of luxe to casual looks too. Petite ladies have always felt left out when oversized totes took over the bag scene in the fashion world because those were just too overwhelming for their frame, but this mini purse trend is perfect for them.mini-chain-sling-purse
  2. Peplum waist – one of the most common problems for petite ladies when dressing up is the lack of curves, and the peplum cut is the perfect solution to that. With fabric flaring out from the waist, this cut is the perfect way to fake some curves on your hips and give it a little more volume to create a much sexier silhouette.peplum-style-olive-green-top peplum-lace-outfit
  3. Platform shoes – another fall trend that petite girls are going to get so much out of this fall are platform shoes. Yes, they’re back from the 90s! And, yes, they’re even more fab than ever before! I think it takes guts to rock platform shoes on the streets, and I personally don’t think I can get away with it but if you’re feeling adventurous and quite confident and you need that height boost anyway, go for it!platform-sneakers-and-knitted-sweater-dress platform-maryjanes
  4. Cropped jacket – aside from heels and other shoes that can give an instant height boots, cropped jackets are also every petite girl’s best friend. Cropped jackets are perfect for creating the illusion of a longer upper torso, thus making petite ladies look a bit taller than they really are.cropped-military-green-jacket-and-khaki-skirt cropped-trench-jacket
  5. High waisted trousers – trousers are going to be one of fall’s biggest trends, but petite girls know better than to just follow suit. Instead of regular trousers, why not opt for high waisted ones? These are sure to make you look taller, especially when paired with a cropped jacket.high-waisted-trouser-and-striped-shirt high-waisted-trousers


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