5 Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing Glasses Frames

Sunglasses are great accessories to add some flair to your style. Whether you’re looking for a functional pair that can shade your face from the morning sun or a statement piece that will add some glam to your outfits, keep on reading for the 5 essential factors to consider when choosing glasses frames.

  1. Face Shape



Depending on your face shape, you have to blend your accessory to make them flatter your features. Look for glasses that the temple or ‘arm’ of the frame is parallel to the side of your face, not stretched out or angling in. Remember, there are frames made for all widths of faces so look for ones that suit the size and shape of your head. If you have a narrow face, you can wear a heavier temple, while wide faces need a lighter temple so that it won’t define the width of the face so much with the arms. The same rule applies for women with longer faces or shorter faces. While longer faces need deeper frames, shorter faces look best with narrower and shallower frames or even rimless and half rimless styles.

  1. Defining Features

floral-print-top-with-red-coat-and-pink-pants leather-skirt-with-bomber-jacket-and-over-the-knee-boots leather-skirt-with-vest-and-over-the-knee-boots

Depending on your facial features, you can go for rounded or angular frames. Are your facial features more straight or angular in appearance or curved and softened? Angular faces suit frames that are made up of straighter lines, while curved faces need softer and curved frames to complement its features.

  1. Eyes and Nose

classic-sunglasses-with-lace-dress-and-over-the-knee-boots sunglasses-and-button-down-shirt-with-culottes

Depending on your facial structure, especially your nose and eyes, you can make your sunglasses make or break your look. If you have a long nose or a hooked or pointed nose, be wary of sunglasses with a high bridge that will only make your nose look like a beak and further elongate it which can be unflattering. In this case, you may better opt for frames with a low bridge to visually shorten the length of your nose. Depending on the width of your eyes, you can get narrower or wider sunglasses frames. Generally, wide set eyes need a frame with more width, as your eyes are expected to sit just in from the middle of the lens. Also, sunglasses with a heavy bridge will also help to make your eyes appear closer set. On the contrary, narrow set eyes need a lighter and wider bridge so that it helps to visually push the eyes further apart.

  1. Color

denim-vest-with-frayed-shorts-and-gladiators leather-trousers-with-printed-coat-and-sunglasses golden-sunglasses-with-culottes-and-lightweight-coat

Depending on your undertone, you can go for warm or cool colors on your frame. If you are cool then silver, grey, blues, pinks, and black are more likely to flatter your skin tone. On the other hand, warm complexions find that warmer hues such as tortoiseshell, gold, or olive green or orange will look good. Apart from your skin complexion, your hair counts too. If you have lighter hair, opt for frames that aren’t too dark unless you’re going for a dramatic look. On the other hand, if you have darker hair, a deeper darker frame will suit you.

  1. Personality

preppy-chic-outfit-with-white-framed-sunglasses olive-green-turtleneck-dress-with-vest-and-boots

Your overall look will reflect your personality, so be careful of your choices. You want to feel great in your glasses, so the style you choose has to represent in glasses form your personality traits.  This is where understanding your personality style and signature style can come in. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to pick the sunglasses style that’s perfect for you.

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