5 Edgy Ways to Wear Feminine Skirts

The ensembles next to dresses when it comes to looking feminine, skirts play a major role in woman’s wardrobe that can create multiple styles that suit various occasions ranging from formal parties, festive affair, music festival, to casual chic settings. If you’re looking for edgy ways to wear your feminine skirts, keep on reading to get some cues on our styling tips.

  1. Opt for edgy, avant-garde, and structured styles of skirts.

architectural skirt with crop top

avant-garde-skirt-with-sweater patent skirt with lightweight top silk top with blazer and skirt statement skirt with knitted top and gladiator sandals structured skirt with cropped top

Patent skirts and leather skirts can be the edgiest style you may go for as leather textile itself screams edgy. But, if you’re not a fan of leather skirts, you may look for an architectural style of skirts with sharp edges, feminine skirts with metallic studs, or even an avant-garde skirt with eccentric details. Fashion blogger Micah Gianneli simply made her typical style edgy by pairing her knitted sweater with a sculptural and structured skirt in a stiff fabric and polished her looks with a pair of knee-high boots. Like her, you may think of skirt in untraditional cut, structure, and fabric to create the edgy style you’re aiming for.

  1. Pair your feminine skirts with edgy tops to create a tough girl look.

cropped tank top with mini skirt leather cropped top with printed skirt mustard skirt with snake print blouse printed skirt with leather crop top tuxedo with pleated skirt and sneakers

Leather crop tops, leather tank tops, as well as leather biker jackets, can be the first thing enters to your mind when it comes to edgy tops. However, if it’s too hot season to wear these items, you may still resort to blouses with edgy prints like leopard print, snake print, and even zebra print that are statement-making already. Also, wearing the tuxedo jacket with your skirt is a means of wearing the borrowed-from-boys trend that is known to be the edgiest trend that creates a perfect juxtaposition of masculine and feminine look.

  1. Add some edge to your style by wearing sexy tops with your feminine skirts.

corset top and skirt with bomber jacket leather-top-with-checkered-skirt sexy sheer top with accordion skirt sexy-top-with-leather-jacket-and-skirt

Since skirts often look girly and feminine, spice them up with sexy tops like an off-shoulder blouse, backless top, crop top, corset top, bandeau top, sheer top, and even a plunging V-neck blouse. When you’re planning to show off your shoulders and midriff, be sure to balance the sexiness of your outfit by opting for a longer length of skirt. Micah Gianneli spiced her looks with a sexy bandeau top paired with her calf length pencil skirt. Like her, you may always bring a sleek jacket with you to tame your sexy looks whenever you feel it inappropriate for your setting.

  1. Style your feminine skirt in an unexpected look.

crop top with shirt and skirt graphic top with patent leather skirt pencil skirt with crop top quilted skirt with blazer

Wearing feminine skirts with feminine tops is the traditional way of wearing them. However, if you wish to create an edgy and unexpected look, think of unconventional tops that you can wear with them to revamp the look of your outfit. Wearing a graphic tee with your skirt can be a casual-chic way to look edgy, but wearing a shirt as under layer with your bandeau top and skirt combination like Christina Perez did is a fresh way of wearing these ensembles.

  1. Complete your outfit with edgy and bold accessories.

leather skirt and knitted top with trench coat leather skirt with bow tie blouse structured bag with printed sweater and wedge sneakers studded heels with fluid top and skirt studded heels with leather skirt and white shirt

Accessories like bags, shoes, and jewelry are seemed to be the finishing touches of any looks. So think of edgy accessories like a pair of studded sandals, spiked stilettos, wedge sneakers, animal print clutches, knee-high boots and such that can complement the style you’re trying to get. This way, you can wear your skirts in an edgy way – a style that every woman finds challenging to pull off.

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