5 Easy Tricks to Refresh Your Looks with Ricarda Schernus

Refreshing your looks may sometimes be daunting as we easily get tired of coping with fashion trends that eventually go outdated. However, you don’t have to stress yourself in keeping up with trends as you may refresh your looks in simple tweaks. Mind behind the Cats and Dogs blog, Ricarda Schernus is a German fashion blogger known for her creative looks featuring basic, vintage, and classic ensembles that you might already have in your closet. If you’re running out of ideas on how to make your wardrobe look fresh again, keep on reading for her 5 easy tricks to refresh your looks.

  1. Wear your classic pieces in a modern way.

patchworked jeans with classic shirt

oversized shirt with denim culottes and red pumps embroidered blazer with skinny jeans

If you’re a fan of wearing denim jeans on your street style, you may find it boring with a casual tee and graphic tops. Like Ricarda, think of wearing your classic pieces in modern ways by wearing an oversized shirt with your denim culottes, wearing your shirt in a half-tuck way, or topping your casual-chic outfit with an embroidered blazer that will refresh your street looks. Don’t forget to wear catchy accessories like a pair of red stiletto pumps or a statement bag like Ricarda did.

  1. Make your vintage outfits more feminine and chic.

vintage outfit with boots vintage dress with structured bag vintage dress with floppy hat

Wearing vintage outfits can make you look like walking out from your grandmother’s closet. So, the key is to keep everything feminine and chic. Like Ricarda, you may resort to lighter and feminine colors over dark ones which are easier to refresh with summer-inspired accessories like hats and bags. Also, think of teaming your retro floral blazer with a pair of leather trousers and Birkenstock sandals that will add some modern vibe to your vintage piece.

  1. Add some effortless vibe on your Victorian ensembles.

baroque dress with chic shoes silk skirt with black jacket lace dress with comfy shoessilk tank top with lace shorts

Victorian-pieces like lace dresses, full skirts, brocade dresses, high neck tops and such may seem high-fashion nowadays. To make it work to your street looks, simply make your overall style effortlessly cool. Like Ricarda, think of topping your collared shirt and full skirt with a structured jacket that will keep everything sleek yet a bit effortless.

  1. Update your minimalist outfits by playing with structure and silhouette.

all black outfit with flat mules navy jumpsuit with structured clutch eyelet tank top with wide leg pantsstriped pants with white top

Minimalist style has a play on a neutral palette of black, white, gray, and such that some women find boring. To refresh your look, incorporate some touch-enticing ensembles like a lace top, eyelet top, or crochet top, as well as boxy trousers and billowy pants that can make everything modern yet sleek.

  1. Take advantage of modern pieces to refresh your looks.

leather skirt with backless top white dress with ombre jacket and orange heels novelty sweater with denim shorts

You may also refresh your classic pieces by teaming them with modern ensembles. Brightly-colored jackets, novelty sweaters, architectural tops, sexy blouses and such are some of the fashionable picks you may go for to create a fresh look. Indeed, having a personal style is one of the best means to stand out from the crowd of fashion-forward women.

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