5 Easy Tricks for Putting Your Outfit Together

If you ever find yourself no idea what to wear, you may need some stylish inspirations to look fashionable and chic. Not all glamorous-looking outfits will suit you so never put on a dress or any other piece of clothing just for the reason that they are trendy this season. If you don’t have any ideas to put things together to have a perfect look, keep on reading for our 5 easy tricks that will make you fashion-forward effortlessly.

  1. Dress for your shape.

animal print shorts with tank top

structured coat with chic outfit high-waist-skirt-with-patterned-top camel poncho with white jeans button down shirt with ripped jeans

Before buying clothes off-the-racks, try to imagine in mind, how it will fit your body. If your legs are not so enviable, then do not hurry to show them in shorts or miniskirts. If you have an apple-shaped body, do not focus the attention to your tummy area. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, you may think of a draped high-waist skirt to match with your printed top to accent your womanly curves. By studying your body shape thoroughly and checking what type of clothes highlights your assets, you’ll look fashion-forward enough while bringing out the natural beauty in you.

  1. Play with colors and prints.

all red outfit with ankle boots yellow coat with chic outfit pink pumps with camel coat mustard coat and pumps with straight leg pants green umbrella with striped top and white pants

Before going for colorful ensembles or head-to-toe neutrals, pay attention to the color that matches your skin the most. Pale looking women may not look great on black and gray but most bright and capricious colors will look great on them. On the other hand, if you have a darker complexion, as much as possible skip those dark shades and choose white, pink, or any shades of pastel colors. Also, you may think of playing with color contrast, color blocking your flashy hues, or even wearing creative prints.

  1. Dress for your personality.

classic pumps with blazer and silk pants corset top with skinny jeans minimalist outfit with valentino heels oxfords with striped coat and bandana scarfstriped top with distressed shorts and tights

Always remember that everybody should have an own style since everybody differs in personality and fashion sense. If you have a sophisticated personality, you may be drawn towards minimalist pieces and streamlined lines that reflect elegance. On the other hand, a trendy fashion personality may be drawn towards layering unexpected pieces, wearing bright colors, and even going for an eccentric look. So, whatever the last word in fashion world may dictate you, do not hurry to easily be captured by it.

  1. Pick the trends that work for you.

kimono with flared pants floor length cardigan with white top and black pantsmilitary jacket with cargo pants robe coat with platform sandals suede outfit with denim skirt

Try every single item with various possible variants and choose the one that suits you most. Fringes, floor-length vest, kimonos, military jackets, architectural silhouettes, denim-on-denim, lug sole footwear, and flared jeans may be fashionable but it doesn’t flatter our style all the time. Simply pick the ones that are close to your heart and nature so you’ll feel much comfortable in wearing your outfit.

  1. Wear some confidence on your street style.

camel coat with leather pants chic outfit with leather bag striped pants with blue top and coattweed blazer with black dress wool coat with chic outfit

To achieve success in the art of putting your outfits together, wear some confidence and never underestimate yourself. Remember, not every designer or street style star was born with the talent of understanding fashion as most of them started by experimenting and exploring things till they found their personal style. So, by heeding our guidelines, you’ll easily put your outfits together and you can make a bold statement on your street looks.

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