5 Easy Formulas to Create a Wardrobe That Goes with Everything

If you have a closet full of clothes yet nothing to wear, you’re lack of essential items that are vital for making our style versatile. No matter how trendy, modern, or avant-garde your style is, a successful wardrobe depends on the foundation of timeless pieces that act as the backbone to every outfit. If you’re looking to create a wardrobe that goes with everything, keep on reading for our ultimate guide.

  1. Choose neutral tones.



Your base wardrobe should consist mainly of neutral tones like black, white, olive, cream, navy, black, gray, camel and such that can be versatile to go with everything else you own. Also, having neutral colored ensembles in your wardrobe come in handy when you need to balance out brightly colored or vibrantly patterned items. Neutral tones also make it easier to get dressed on mornings when you didn’t have time to plan your outfit as everything matches neutral colors.

  1. Stock up on basic items.

camel-turtleneck-with-skinny-jeans white-button-down-shirt-with-blazer-and-pantssailor-blazer-with-navy-shorts

Chic blazer, skinny jeans, solid-colored dress, button-down shirt, slacks, plain tees, pencil skirt and such are some of the basic pieces you need to own. If you have ever suffered from feeling like you have “nothing to wear” despite a closet full of clothes, this might be because you don’t have enough basic items in your closet. Even though you have eccentric dresses and trendy tops, you can wear them without your basics.

  1. Find universally flattering and timeless fits.

denim-skirt-with-button-down-shirt shift-dress-with-skinny-scarf

When your clothes complement your shape, your entire outfit is elevated to look more expensive and specifically tailored to your body. So, look for a fitted blouse, wrap dress, fit-and-flare dress, three-quarter-length sleeves, midi skirt, high-waist black skinny jeans as a woman body is flattered with these pieces. Like fashion blogger Angelica Blick, you can still go for a casual look with a great fitting denim skirt and a classic blouse.

  1. Invest in high-quality fabrics and tailoring.

denim-romper-with-tasseled-bag black-tank-top-with-jogger-pants-and-lip-clutch

When investing on your timeless staples, always go for high-quality fabrics. You might be tempted to go for cheaper basics, but low-quality fabric and construction will give your base wardrobe a short life span. Opt for basics that are well-crafted and sturdy, meaning they won’t lose their shape after a few washes, won’t pill, won’t rip at the seams. Look for 100% Cotton, linen, high-quality denim, high-quality synthetic fibers, and wool.

  1. Buy versatile accessories, outerwear, and shoes.

trench-coat-with-fall-outfit coat-with-casual-outfit

Every basic piece needs basic accessories, outerwear, and shoes to complete it. Bags, shoes, and jackets that go with everything else you own make getting out the door in the morning that much easier. The key is to stick to traditional items in neutral colors, by keeping the styles classic and versatile, these finishing touches will effortlessly blend in with the rest of your outfit no matter what the occasion. Some of them are black ballet flats, tan trench, oxfords, navy blazer, black satchel purse, and comfortable nude heels. By heeding our advice, you’ll be able to create a stylish and functional wardrobe that goes with everything.

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