5 Easy but Gorgeous Winter White Outfits for the Holidays

If you’re looking for a quick and easy but also sophisticated and chic outfit to wear for the holiday parties and festivities this year, stock up on white! All white ensembles have been proven to exude an elegant and stylish vibe plus they’re super easy to style, put together and pull off as well. Wearing white from head to toe may seem overwhelming at first but you’ll definitely find it easier once the outfit is on. Here are some easy but gorgeous winter white outfit ideas for the holidays.

  1. WHITE MATCHING SET– this gorgeous outfit combo makes for an amazing go-to holiday party ensemble for those who want to look polished and on point, even with very little time to prepare. You may opt for a matching crop top and pencil skirt combo if you will be topping off your look with a coat or any kind of outerwear or you can stick to the more covered up version which is a dressy white top and white bottom of your choice.matching set in white with white shoes
    matching set with fab heels
  2. WHITE SLIP DRESS AND COAT – this is a very sexy all white holiday outfit that you can wear if you’re spending the holidays with your beau or with very close family and friends. It’s chic, it’s simple but it will surely get you the best dressed award, if there ever is one.slip dress and jacket outfit slip dress and coat
  3. LITTLE WHITE DRESS – forget about the Little Black Dress. This year, it’s all about white so why not replace your LBD with an LWD and see how fabulous and easy this outfit is. You can accessorize your LWD with just about anything and everything you fancy as long as you make sure to do it moderately so as not to go over the top. You may also want to throw in some color in there, especially for daytime parties, to keep your outfit from being too monochromatic and stark.little white dress little white dress olivia palermo style
  4. WHITE JUMPSUIT – this one is something you can wear if you want to go for an all white outfit but don’t want anything too simple or too plain. A jumpsuit is such a great way to make a statement, especially when you style and accessorize it right. The good thing about jumpsuits is that you can dress them up or down, depending on the theme of the party that you’re going to.white jumpsuit and jacket white jumpsuit on kendall jenner
  5. WHITE MAXI DRESS – for a really simple but cute outfit that you can easily slip into, go for a maxi dress. Maxi dresses look great when paired up with heavy boots during the winter. They make the perfect balanced look and they’re super comfy as well.maxi dress in white maxi dress and booties

maxi dress in white

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