5 Dresses to Wear in Fall

Autumn is all about strutting the streets in style. Go to great fashion lengths by investing in these dresses to wear in fall.

Sweater Dresses

When it comes to dresses to wear in fall, nothing beats the classic (and warming) style of the sweater dress.  Available in a variety of styles and colors, a sweater dress is something you can’t get enough of this autumn. This season, styling up is a great way to wear the usual sweater dress. Layer yours with a crop top – or wear pants underneath – to create a chic look that works with the coldness of fall.

gray sweater dress

black sweater dress

Shift Dress

Shift dresses prove to be one of the best clothes to have this autumn. After all, the possibilities are endless with these dresses to wear in fall. You can even utilize your summer/spring shift dresses and be creative with the layering – beneath or over it. You can wear a fine knit sweater underneath, or even wear it with your favorite leather leggings. Wear it with a structured coat for an office-ready look.

leather shift dress brown shift dress

Midi Dress

For ‘formal’ dresses to wear in fall, the best choice proves to be the midi dress. Its’ below the knee length makes it perfect for the cold autumn days. Like the sweater dress, the best way to spruce up a midi dress is to go all out with the layering and the accessorizing. Wear it alone or with a coat/blazer for office – and switch your topper for a denim or leather jacket for after-work drinks.

floral midi dress black midi dress

A-Line Dress

Showing your feminine figure is possible even in autumn. With that being said, the dresses to wear in fall should be that of A-line styles. Flattering to most shapes and sizes, the A-line dress can accentuate your waist – even if it’s not as small as you wish it would be. You can even go for short A-line dresses, just make sure to wear tights or leggings underneath.

green a-line dress green dress

Knotted Dress

The dresses to wear in fall need not to be ornate, but it wouldn’t hurt to wear a style that’s feminine as it is stylish. If you want a simple frock that exudes much fashion appeal, then go for a knotted dress. While there are styles that are knotted by themselves, you can create the same design with any of your dresses. It’s as simple as knotting one area of your dress – be it the middle or the end of your long dress.

gray knotted dress knotted white dress

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