5 Double Duty Pieces You Can Pack for You Vacation

Packing for a vacation can be stressful if you’re the type who always wants to look chic and stylish because living off of a prepacked set of clothes, even if they’re ones that you’ve chosen yourself, can be scary. The good thing is, though, that it’s not impossible. Yes, you can look chic while away on vacay without taking your whole wardrobe with you and the secret lies in making the most of what you have. Here are some double duty pieces that you can take with you on holiday.

  1. Kimono cardigan – a kimono cardigan can be used to layer up a simple spring or summer look but, aside from that, you can also use it as a bikini / swimsuit cover up for when you just want to lounge around by the beach or by the pool and want just a little bit more coverage.kimono cardigan outfit
    kimono bikini cover up
  2. Printed scarf – a printed scarf is another really easy but brilliant way to layer up your spring and summer looks and even add a splash of color to them. Aside from that, a printed scarf can also serve as a belt, a beach wrap, a skirt if it’s big enough, a top, or even a dress. All you need to pull these off are styling skills and some creativity.scarf top with white shorts scarf for a spring outfit
  3. Statement one-piece swimsuit – a swimsuit is pretty much a staple in every girl’s spring / summer packing list but before you throw that bikini set into your luggage, consider going for a statement one-piece instead. It’s a great way to make a statement and stand out from a sea of ladies clad in two-piece bikinis at the beach and it also makes a great bodysuit alternative that you can wear with jean, skirts, and shorts.one piece swimsuit one piece swimsuit with denim shorts
  4. Loose and flowy maxi skirt – wear it as a maxi skirt with a cute top one day and pull it up and wear it as a dress on another day – isn’t that just genius? All you need to transform this one piece is a belt and some accessories and you’re done!maxi skirt for spring maxi skirt as dress
  5. Bandana – a bandana won’t take up too much of your luggage space and it can do so many things, too. You can use it to dress up your hair or tie it around your wrist for a cute and simple arm candy look. You can even tie it around your neck like a mini scarf to add a pop of color to your outfit.bandana hairstyle bandana scarf


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