5 Dos and Don’ts When Wearing Summer Outfits to the Office

No matter how fashion-forward you are, there are limitations when getting dressed for the office. Remember, the office is a cornerstone of professionalism and structure so you should look respectable too regardless how hot in the summer. Even if you work in the most casual of start-ups, your office is still not Coachella. So, keep on reading for our 5 dos and don’ts when wearing summer outfits to the office.

  1. Dress up your maxi dresses.

maxi lace dress with moto vest

slit maxi dress with blazer navy maxi dress maxidress with black blazer

Since a maxi dress is pure resort wear, wearing it to the office lessen your professional looks. So, opt for a maxi dress style that will keep you cool at the same time professional. If your office environment is a bit casual, you can totally wear a maxi dress there. If your office is not, then you should wear something with more structure like a cotton pencil dress. You may also think of a maxi dress with an open back, which can be covered up by a light sweater once it gets chilly in the air conditioned room.

  1. Make your lace tops professional and conservative.

brogues with culottes and lace top striped pants with lace top and cap toe shoes pastel pink lace top with white pants lace off shoulder top with chic trousers

Lace tops might be breezy and sexy, but it originally belongs in the bedroom and wearing it to the office will make you a bit out of place. True, a thin airy fabric helps to keep you cool but it is a bit much for a professional environment. Instead, try something eyelet, which still has just as much texture but more cover. Or, think of topping your lace top with an office blazer that looks feminine and professional at the same time. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, think of a lace button-down that you can wear with culottes in your creative workplace.

  1. Trade your miniskirts to knee-length skirts.

neon yellow top with a line skirt striped turtleneck with office skirt and structured bag peach skirt with white blazer

The short skirt goes the way of the crop top in the summer while tights keep the mini from erring on the scandalous in the winter. However, a miniskirt will never be appropriate in the office so opt for a longer version instead like ones that hit on the knees. As an alternative, go with an a-line skirt made of a poplin fabric instead, which will keep you feeling cool and looking cool.

  1. Team your crop tops with high-waist bottoms and blazer.

blue crop top with high waist yellow skirt slip on sandals with crop top with high waist skirt crop top with high waist skirt

A crop top may be worn in the office, especially in the winter for where they’re mixed with long-sleeved or turtlenecks. But it can be trickier in the summer as you’re aiming for a breezy style. If you’re working in a creative or casual workplace, always team your crop top with a high-waist skirt or top it with a lightweight blazer to conceal your sexy midriff.

  1. Trade your flip-flops with strappy sandals with heels.

all white outfit with strappy sandals strappy sandals with peach dress and white blazer nude outfit with strappy sandals

Since flip flops are for the beach, they really have no place in the office. To make your feet more comfortable, resort to strappy sandals with heels that will make you more dressy and professional. Instead, summer is the perfect time to look fashion-forward at the same time office-appropriate on your business activities.

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