5 Dos and Don’ts for Your Holiday Wardrobe

There might be no set rules for a holiday wardrobe, but you want it to be festive, fun, and appropriate for the occasion. It’s never too late to start building up your holiday wardrobe, filling it with fun and exciting pieces that you can at least wear once or twice before all those extra holiday calories start to take hold. So, keep on reading for the 5 dos and don’ts for your holiday wardrobe.

  1. Don’t go for a little black dress, but do go for a sexy red dress.

black jacket with red dress and burgundy boots

romantic red party dress with pumps

Though a little black dress is timeless, holidays are a great time to get a little creative and make a few waves. To make you one of the most interesting women in the room, resort to a sexy red dress instead. The red dress is the LBD’s daring, holiday-themed cousin, which can be just as flattering as its black counterpart without being the boring staple. Just go for a flattering fit and style for your body type that can be dressed down with a leather jacket when you’re out on the streets heading to the party like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni did.

  1. Don’t go too revealing but do go all-out.

floral print skirt with yellow coat and striped green top and pumps abstract print top with wrap skirt and choker

You may think that the holidays are a great time to show off your greatest assets, but tread cautiously especially if your holiday event is work-related. Since the holidays are a time for creativity and fun, get away with wilder accessories as well as creative outfits that can turn heads. Like fashion blogger Jenny Tsang, you may style your graphic print midi dress with a wrap skirt and choker that can change its look completely while looking festive and unique. Just stick to one striking, attention-grabbing item per outfit.

  1. Don’t go for bows but do wear festive prints.

geometric print skirt with white sweater floral print dress with boots tribal print cape with winter boots

If there is one accessory to avoid at all costs, it is the humble, treacherous bow. Save it for your gifts and skip it on your outfits and accessories. No matter what part of your body a designer thinks you should have a bow dangling from, bows tend to be placed on the most unflattering parts of women’s outfits. So, instead go for festive prints that can add some personality to your winter outfits like fashion bloggers always do.

  1. Don’t go for red-and-green, but do color block.

gold necklace with colorful outfit pink blouse with red shorts

As seasonal as these colors are, they make a hideous pair. Keep on mind that these colors are two most clashing colors you can find outside of purple and orange that will make you steal unwanted attention. If you want to go seasonal with colors, choose a creative yet classy combination. Red teamed with white or black is a festive, warm combination. Or, choose pink with red for errands around town like fashion blogger Nicole Warne did.

  1. Don’t accent with jewelry, but do accent with scarves.

plaid scarf with winter outfit striped scarf with cold weather outfit and rain boots yellow sweater with blue scarf and winter leggings

Leave the shiny ornaments on the tree, and stick to simple jewelry. There’s no better time of year to wrap your neck and face in festive scarves just after the first snowfall. However, avoid the rough sparkly fabric and opt instead for classic merino or wool. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, a striking plaid print scarf can add drama and vibrancy to an otherwise pedestrian outfit. Remember, trends may change with the seasons, but a great holiday outfit will last you for many winters to come.

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