5 Denim Trends You Should be DIY-ing

Every now and then, new trends will arise and while we all love keeping up with the latest in fashion, some of these trends are just so ridiculously pricey to follow. Thanks to the internet, though, you can wear most of these trends even while on the tightest of budgets. As long as you’re creative and you have the patience, you can definitely DIY these trends. And, speaking of trends and DIYs, check out these denim trends that you should be DIYing instead of buying.

  1. Frayed denim – why pay so much for denims that are practically ruined? Go ahead and buy yourself a new pair of classic denims then take an old one and DIY the frays on them instead. Fraying is easy and super simple to do. There’s no need for fancy equipment or expensive materials. Here is a tutorial on how to get it done. frayed matching denim outfit
    frayed cold shoulder denim top
  2. Embroidered denim – here’s the thing: embroidery is an art and a skill that you can’t master overnight. Embroidered details on denim give the piece a nice, ornate touch and if you want to add an embroidered denim piece to your wardrobe, you might think that you need to either learn the skill first or just go ahead and buy new. The good news is that these aren’t your only choices. To DIY your own embroidered denim, you can buy pre-embroidered patches at your local crafts supply store and then just sew them on to your denim piece. Of course, you can always actually do some embroidering on your denim piece if you know how to do it.embroidered denim pants embroidered denim top
  3. Painted denim – who would’ve though accidental pain splatters on denims would be a thing? Get ready to get messy and create your own painted denims with a can or two of your favorite color and some paint brushes! It’s best to use fabric paints for this DIY.painted denim jessica alba paint splattered denim pants bella hadid
  4. Patchwork denim – another hot denim trend right now is patchwork denim and, like all the other trends mentioned above, you can DIY this one too! Patchwork denim is perfect for those who purging old jeans from their wardrobes. A few cutouts from old denim pieces can be sewn on to one piece to give it a new look.patchwork denim skirt patchwork denim top
  5. Acid wash denim – with the rise of the 90s come acid wash denims. This trend from the 90s is something that you can totally DIY though it can be a bit of work. This tutorial shows you exactly what you need and how it is done. You can do this denim DIY on anything from jeans to shorts, jackets, vest, and even skirts.acid wash denim skirt acid wash denim jacket


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