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5 Date Night Makeup Ideas

Going out on a date tonight with your man? While looking your best and sporting your most fabulous outfit may be on the topmost part of your to-do list, don’t forget to plan out your makeup, too! You don’t need to go to a professional to have it done but it sure would be nice if you could wear something beautiful that would go well with your outfit and something that would be suitable for your date. There’s really no need to fuss if you don’t own a full chest of drawers filled with makeup or if you don’t have bajillions of mason jars filled with brushes and other makeup tools because, to be honest, all won’t be able to use all of those anyway. Not now, not in this lifetime. Here are 5 date night makeup ideas that, hopefully, you can take inspiration from.


  • Soft smoky eye – if you’re going somewhere rather casual for the night and heavy makeup isn’t an option but you still want to look fierce and subtly sultry, try going for a soft smoky eye. This look is easier to do than a full-on, dramatic and heavy smoky eye because there aren’t that much color needed to create the look which also means less blending for you.

soft smoky eye olivia palermo

soft and subtle smokey eye

  • Dramatic smoky eye – if, on the other hand, you’re going out on a date and you’re headed to the club for a serious night of drinking and partying, then it’s okay to go for a full dramatic smoky eye. Use various dark shadow colors to give your eye makeup some depth and dimension and make sure you don’t forget to blend out those shadows. You don’t want your makeup to look sloppy and half-done, now, right?

fierce smoky eye dark and defined smoky eye

  • Glossy nude lips – want to let your inner vixen out but don’t want to wear anything too sexy and seductive? Take a hint from the sexiest stars like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton and rock glossy nude lips with a clean face and simple but sexy eye makeup. To get the look, take your lash game up a notch by wearing several layers of mascara or, if you want to go all out, wear falsies instead then swipe on the nude lipstick that flatters you the most and top it off with gloss.

simple makeup nude lips glossy nude lips

  • Timeless classic – not sure how to do your makeup for your date? How about just doing a foolproof look that’s sure to go well with any outfit you choose? This timeless look is no other than raging red lips along with simple makeup. It’s really easy to do and even easier to pull off and what’s more is that anyone looks great in this simple but classic makeup look.

retro classic look timeless classic red lip

  • Dewy makeup – want to look fresh for your date even after a long day at work? Try doing a dewy makeup look. To make sure that you get a healthy-looking glow, use makeup products with a pearlescent finish. Avoid using makeup products with glitters on the, chunky or not, because you might end up looking like a disco ball instead.

natural healthy glow radiant luminous look