5 Cute Ways to Wear Oxfords

Menswear-inspired pieces are all the rage nowadays. Apart from the usual fashion pieces, footwear that seem to be ‘borrowed from the boys’ have become huge hits in the runways. One of the finest examples is the oxford shoe, which can be seen on the feet of the hottest celebs and models. Be inspired by their unique styles with these cute ways to wear oxfords.

Make it Menswear

Oxfords are menswear-inspired shoes, without a doubt. With that being said, one of the cute ways to wear oxfords is to live up to its inspiration. That means decking yourself in menswear-inspired pieces, from top to bottom. You can take a tuxedo dress or a loose pantsuit to go with your oxfords. With this style, you can embody the menswear-inspired style that most fashion girls know and love.

kendall jenner menswear and oxfords

menswear and oxfords

Get Dressy

Another one of the cute ways to wear oxfords is to pair it with a feminine dress. No, I’m not talking about a crisp, structured dress. I’m talking about a frilly or laser-cut one – anything that screams “I’m so girly!” The contrast between the flirty dress and the structured oxfords will help you create a look that’s worthy of high-fashion blogsites.

dress and oxfords floral dress and oxfords

Mix and Match it

If you want to create coherent yet cute ways to wear oxfords, then consider a certain color scheme. This is especially the case if you want to wear two-toned oxfords. Say it’s in the colors black and white – that means you should create a look with black and white pieces. The coordination of hues will make you look impeccable, whether it’s in the office or the mall.

black and white oxfords two toned oxfords

Look Tight

Another one of the cute ways to wear oxfords is to don your favorite tights. The balance of the two can help you create a sexy yet structured look. After all, fishnet tights are reminiscent of sultry nights. Wear this combo with your favorite dress – or your lovely mini skirt – for an amorous look that can be perfectly balanced with oxford shoes.

black tights and oxfords tights and oxfords

Wear Socks

They say clothes make the (wo)man, but simple accessories can help you complete the look as well. It doesn’t matter what you choose, just know that one of the cute ways to wear oxfords is to put some socks on. Black or white socks are great options, but you can always break out of the box and wear your formal oxfords with printed or colorful socks.

blue socks and oxfords oxfords and socks

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