5 Cute Summer Dresses to Wear this Season

Summer is all about wearing girly frocks. With that being said, it’s a must that you dedicate your days to wearing these cute summer dresses whenever you can.

Off-Shoulder Dress

Summer is synonymous to baring skin. But if you find some dresses too revealing, you need not worry as you can still channel the summer trend with an off-shoulder dress. Definitely one of the popular cute summer dresses to wear this season, an off-shoulder frock comes in a variety of styles and lengths – thus making it one of the best fashion items of the summer.

off shoulder maxi

off shoulder outfit off shoulder dress

Slip Dress

If summer is too hot for you to handle, fret not as you can keep cool with a slip dress. This frock – which was made hugely popular in the 90’s, thanks to Kate Moss and Courtney Love – has made a comeback, and now, it’s bigger than ever. As one of the cute summer dresses to wear this season, a slip dress is something you can wear during the day (with a jacket of course, if you plan to take it to the office) – and night as well (just take off the jacket!) Although it’s reminiscent of bedtime apparel, layering it with the right outerwear – and wearing it with stylish accessories – will make you look like a trendy off-duty model.

white slip dress slip dress floral slip

Strapless Dress

True to the tradition of “showing some skin” is the strapless dress. As one of the top cute summer dresses to wear this season, a strapless dress is perfect for days when you want to bare your sexy shoulders. This frock is also recommended for formal events, such as gala dinners or your friend’s wedding – as long as you wear a strapless dress that comes with a length that befits the said celebrations.

white maxi strapless maxi white strapless dress

Wrap Dress

If you want to project a conservative and sophisticated look, then the wrap dress is what you are looking for. Popularized by the iconic Diane Von Furstenberg, the wrap dress is one of the many cute summer dresses to wear this season. Ideal for all shapes and sizes, a wrap dress is something that can accentuate your waist – no matter how small or big it is! Available in a variety of styles, a wrap dress is a trendy item that you can wear to the office on a daily basis.

red wrap dress printed wrap dress floral wrap

Shirt Dress

Another one of the cute summer dresses that you can take to work (without fear of disciplinary action) is the shirt dress. Similar to the men’s oxford, this preppy frock is something that will make you look responsible – and trendy – all at the same time!

maxi shirt dress blue shirt dress striped shirt dress

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