5 Cute Short Hair Ideas to Combat the Summer Heat

The sweltering heat this summer might force you to re-evaluate your long hair goals. If the temperatures are just too hot for you, you need not worry as you can achieve a high-fashion look with any of these cute short hair ideas to combat the summer heat.

Short and Natural

If the heat is killing you – and you don’t have much time to prep your hair – then go for Lupita Nyong’o’s short and au naturel look. This is one of the cute short hair ideas you need to consider if you have natural hair. Instead of keeping it in braids, cornrows or what not, shed your natural tresses and go for a fuss-free short and natural hair. If this proves to be too ‘manly’ for you, you can always add a headband – just like what Lupita did in one of her high-profile engagements.

lupita short hair

lupita headband hair

Grown Out Pixie

When it comes to cute short hair ideas for summer, the first thing that might come to mind is a super short pixie cut. However, if this pushes you to the limits, you can still opt or this hairstyle by going with a grown out pixie style. Take inspiration from Jennifer Lawrence who managed to rock super short hair despite her oval face.

jennifer pixie hair jlaw pixie

Wavy Bob

A bob is one of the cute short hair ideas to consider this summer. But if the usual bob proves to be too boring for you, then go for Miranda Kerr’s wavy bob. If you have super straight hair, you can always use your curling iron or curlers to create sexy, dreamy waves.

miranda wavy bob miranda kerr wavy bob

Blunt Bob

Another one of the cute short hair ideas that you should try this summer is the blunt bob. Owned by many celebs like Kylie Jenner – a blunt bob is a polished hairstyle that can make you look professional in no time. It needs minimal upkeep, although you are going to need to use a round comb or apply curlers to the ends when your hair reaches an awkward growing length – one that is prone to fly-aways and what not.

kylie bob hairstyle kylie blunt bob

Choppy Bob

Is a blunt bob too structured for you? If you want cute short hair ideas that push the envelope of style, then try a choppy bob. Embraced by Kristen Stewart (among many other celebrities,) a choppy bob is a haircut that is true to the saying “I woke up like this.” Minimal maintenance is needed for this, so it’s perfect for days when you have limited prep time for work or for school.

kristen stewart bob kristen bob

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