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5 Cute Half Updo Hairstyles to Try

A lot of women pride themselves in having long, healthy and shiny hair and I think that while short and sleek hairstyles are sexy, there’s just something about longer hair that makes you look and feel more feminine. This summer, though, having longer hair may prove to be a bit of a burden, especially if you have thick locks. Doing an updo may make you feel cooler under the hot summer sun but having your hair bunched up like that all day every day can’t be good. If you’re looking for a way to keep cool and keep hair off your face this summer while giving your hair a break from full updos, why not try a half updo? Here are some cute half updo hairstyles to try out.

  • Half crown braid – want something girly and a little romantic? How about a half crown braid? This hairstyle is perfect on days when you’re wearing dresses or any other dainty and feminine outfits because it just ties the look together perfectly. At first glance, this look may be a little overwhelming and intimidating because it looks a little complicated but the step-by-step breakdown below will show you how easy it really is to create this half updo.

half crown braid variation

half crown braid tutorial

  • Retro-inspired half updo – give your regular everyday half updo a nice retro twist by bumping it up and giving it lots of volume. It’s really simple and easy to do this look. Just do your hair the way you would normally do your half updo but tease your crown before you secure your hair with an elastic to get that nice poofy bouffant then add bobby pins to support your elastic and hold up the bouffant.

soft retro half updo voluminous retro half updo

  • Romantic twisted half updo –for a softer and more feminine hairstyle, you can try doing this lovely twisted half updo. Take 1-inch sections (thicker if you like) of hair from both sides and then pull them to the back of your head and secure with a bobby pin. You can also curl the ends of your hair to make this look even more romantic.

romantic twisted half up twisted hairstyles tutorial

  • Half up fishtail braid – fishtail braids are always hot for summer but if you don’t want to do the full look, you can create a half up fishtail braid instead. It’s the same process as with a full fishtail except that you leave the half of your hair down. There are several ways to get the half fishtail braid done. If you want it tight and sleek, you can start with a French braid at the crown then continue with a fishtail on your way down or you can also make it loose by starting with a regular half up then fishtail braiding the ‘tail’ of your regular half updo.

half up fishtail braid simple fishtail braid

  • Waterfall braid – if you want something more complex and ornate for your hair, try out the waterfall braid. This braid style takes quite some time to master if you have no clue on how to do it so be patient. Watch this video for a quick basic waterfall braid tutorial. After mastering the basic waterfall braid, you can try doing more difficult styles like the twisted waterfall and the feather waterfall.

curly bridal waterfall braid chunky waterfall braid