5 Cute Hairstyles for Curly Hair  

Natural curls are very bouncy, lively, and vibrant. However, there might be times when you get tired of your au naturel locks. When this happens, don’t fret! You can always revitalize your look with these cute hairstyles for curly hair.

Let it Loose

When all else fails, just let your hair loose! This is one of the easiest cute hairstyles for curly hair. To achieve this “I got out of bed look” without looking like you literally rolled off your divan, apply lightweight leave-in conditioner to your damp, newly-washed hair. Use a wide tooth combo and dry it off. Once it’s dry, leave it be to avoid the frustrating frizz.

alicia keys curly hair

alicia keys curls

Part it

Sometimes, the way you part your hair can change your entire look. Take a look at the celebrities below to see why the right parting can create cute hairstyles for curly hair. Sweeping your curly locks on one side of your face can help you achieve a sophisticated, elegant look. So if you don’t have enough time to go to the salon prior to a big event, go help yourself and part your tresses on one side and voila – instant hair perfection!
lorde parted hairdrew barrymore parted hair parted curly hair

She Bangs

Sometimes, cute hairstyles for curly hair can be as simple as having bangs. Case in point: Rihanna. Her effortlessly disheveled curly locks – primed with bangs – is just one of the many hairdos that you can pull off whenever, wherever. If she can wear it to a red carpet awards show, you can channel this hairstyle in any event!

rihanna curly bangs rihanna hair

Half Up, Half Down

Sometimes, tying half of your hair up can be one of the cute hairstyles for curly hair. This ‘do is easy to do, as all you need to do is gather the top half of your locks and pull it as you smooth off you tresses with your hands. For best results, make use of a barrette or scrunchie that near matches your hair color. If you want standout curls, apply a definer and twirl your damp curls before bunching them in a half-up, half-down do.

carrie hairstylekate middleton hair half up half down hair

Hike it High

Is your hair all over the place? If you barely have enough time for an extreme makeover, then try one of these cute hairstyles for curly hair. Gather your curly locks and secure them in a high ponytail. Take this daytime look into nighttime glam by tugging out your front hair. This will give your look the elegant pouf that befits your nightcap event.

sophie turner ponytail demi lovato ponytail taylor swift curls

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