5 Cute Hair Accessories You Need for Summer

Some girls love letting their hair down for summer while others prefer having theirs up. No matter how you like styling your hair for the season, one thing is for certain and that is that your hair would be a whole lot cuter if you had the latest hair accessories on them. Here are some of the cutest hair accessories on trend right now that you will surely want this summer.

  1. Flower crowns – for those of you who love to keep up with the current trends, you know that the flower crown has been the ultimate hair accessory of summer for the past couple of years and it still is one of the hottest hair accessory trends right now. Flower crowns are perfect for festival and Boho-themed looks and they look great on anyone, too, making them really easy to pull off.flower crown bright flowers
    flower crown dainty and light
  2. Seashell crown – now, if you’re tired of flower crowns and you just want to move on to something more magical, a seashell crown might just be what you need. Water babies and mermaids on land, this one is something you need in your hair accessory arsenal! You can get seashell crowns online but if you’re the creative type, why not go ahead and DIY your own?magical gorgeous trendy seashell crown magical seashell crown
  3. Faux flowers – faux flowers can be made of anything and everything, from fabric to plastic and sometimes even glass beads. If you want to add a nice, girly touch to your look. you can simply slip in a faux flower or two into whatever hairstyle you have and, voila, an easy but gorgeous summer look that you can rock any time, any day.faux flowers on braids faux flowers on braided updo
  4. Hair chains – can’t get over the Boho look for summer? Amp up your style by popping on a stunning hair chain to give your Boho – themed look an even more chic and authentic look and feel. Hair chains can be super plain for minimalists to enjoy but they can get really fabulous and blinged out, too, for the girls out there who love to go all out.hair chain boho style hair chain for summer
  5. Hair feathers – another really cool hair accessory that you’ll want to add to your collection this summer are hair feathers. These also have a very nice Boho vibe but they work so well with many other styles, too. You can wear them with street style looks, you can slip them in to your casual everyday outfits and, if you have one of the fancier hair feathers, you might even be able to pull it off at work.hair feather mini hair feathers on ponytail end