5 Cute and Dainty Nail Art Designs with a White Base

Deciding on what nail art design to go for is harder than it seems, especially if you’re someone who takes nail art seriously. You have to think of your nail art design matching your outfits, your accessories and the upcoming events and occasions, if any. If you’re looking for a versatile nail art design that you can have done on your nails, try anything with a visible white base. The white base will lend your nail art design that much needed flexibility when it comes to matching your everyday look. Check out these cute and dainty nail art designs with a white base that’ll make your nails look super pretty.

  • PASTEL / NEON BUBBLES – these are really pretty if you want a colorful nail art design but at the same time don’t want anything too loud or too bold. You can choose between having neon or pastel colors on your nails for the ‘bubbles’, it all depends on what nail polish colors you have or the look you’re going for. Here’s a video tutorial to show you how you can get the bubbly look on your nails.

pastel bubbles nail art

pastel bubbles

  • FANCY GLITTER NAILS – glitters show up much better against white nail polish as compared to a clear one so if you plan on giving your nails a festive look with some glitter polish, pick white as your base color. Try doing an ombre glitter look or maybe even a pattern or just go on and cover the whole nail with a coat or two of glitter polish.

chunky glitter nails glitter pattern nails gold ombre glitter nails

  • TERRIFIC 3D – getting bored of the same old 2-dimensional nail art look? Take it up a notch and go 3D with studs on your nails! Instead of drawing / painting something on your nails, stick on some studs and spikes for a cool and edgy look. For a more feminine look, you can opt to stick rhinestones and mini crystal jewels on instead.

gold stud nail art silver 3d studs 3d white stiletto nails white studded nails

  • CHINESE PORCELAIN – don’t you just love the dainty and super elegant look of Chinese porcelain? Copy the look and put them on your nails by starting off with a white base and then drawing on dainty ornate details with navy or electric blue nails polish. The design details can be as simple as plain flowers or as complex as those artsy swirls you see on more Chinese porcelain items.

chinese porcelain nail art chinese porcelain nails porcelain nails

  • WATER MARBLE – water marbling isn’t exactly a new nail art technique but it’s still a super cute look that you can go for if you want something unique for your nails. You’ll have to work real quick when doing water marbled nails. Starting with a white base is the best way to do water marbling because the colors will show up more vibrantly.

ocean theme water marble nail art tropical water marbled nails water marble christmas theme water marble step by step

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