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5 Curly Hair Color Ideas  

Whether you are naturally curly – or just had your hair permed – hair color might pose a big challenge to you. Although most see it as a punishment, it’s actually otherwise! Give yourself a new, refreshing look with these curly hair color ideas to try out:


Do you want curly hair color ideas that won’t shock your friends and family? Then indigo blue is the way to go. This blue-black hair color is perfect for ladies who wish to hike their hues a notch – without receiving a warning or notice from their immediate bosses.

indigo hair

indigo hairdo


Ecaille is one of the few curly hair color ideas that don’t go overboard. For this hairstyle, only some face-framing tresses will be dyed. Most of your locks will be left in their pretty natural color. It provides fluid movement, which makes it a perfect choice for curly-haired ladies. Because of the nature of the coloring, ecaille is also recommended for ladies with round faces or beige-tan skin tones. For best results, create an ecaille look with sandy brown, golden brown or burgundy hues.

SANTA MONICA, CA - APRIL 07:  Model Chrissy Teigen attends the "2015 Billboard Music Awards" finalists press conference on April 7, 2015 in Santa Monica, California.  (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for DCP)

ecaille hairdo ecaille hairstyle

Pale Red

Do you have natural reddish-brown hair? Then go ahead and embrace one of the hottest curly hair color ideas (literally): pale red. Compared to rose gold and strawberry blonde, pale red is a wee bit deeper. However, it is softer than crimson or burgundy. Because of these facets, pale red hair is beneficial for women with blue or green eyes, even ladies with naturally freckled faces. If it’s your first time to dye your curls, pale red is perfect for you as it doesn’t require the harsh bleaching treatment associated with lighter hair colors.

pale red hair pale red hairstyle pale red hairdo

Icy White

Even if your heart is not as cold as that of winter, you can achieve the ice queen look with icy white hair. As one of coolest curly hair color ideas of the year, icy white is an edgier approach to the double-processed blonde locks of the past years. Although bleaching is known to damage curly hair, the invention of the Olaplex formulation has given curly-heads a chance to go for lighter colors. Should you decide to go with icy white hair, remember to use purple shampoo. This concoction will keep your tresses icy fresh!

ice white hair icy white hair icy white hairdo


Gray hair is a sign of aging for most. But this year, it has become one of the best curly hair color ideas! It’s near the icy white trend, and it could be a welcome change if you are tired of the former. With the creation of gray hair dyes, you won’t have a hard time coloring your locks in this low-maintenance tint.

gray curly hair gray hairstyle gray hair

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