5 Creative Ways to Wear Your White Button-Down Shirt

Crisp and simple, a white button down shirt can have a thousand identities. Whether you’re going for a formal party, casual affairs, or a job interview, keep on reading for creative ways to wear your white button-down shirt.

  1. Wear your white button-down shirt with denim jeans and shorts to create a casual-chic look.


button down shirt with denim shorts button down shirt with jeans button down shirt with sunglasses and sling bag classic button down shirt with flared jeans and trench coat

Since denim scream a casual cool looks, balance your outfit by opting for a chic white button-down shirt that perfectly fits on you. Take note of the sleeves, collar, front placket, cuff, and gusset that must be perfectly fitted on your figure. However, if you wish for a more laid back look, you may cuff your sleeves to your elbows that will look perfect when worn with a pair of distressed denim shorts or jeans. To make your casual chic looks trendy, be creative doing the half tuck of your button-down or simply let its tail hang loose with your ripped denim jeans like Micah Gianneli did.

  1. Wear your white button down shirt with sleek and tailored pieces.

button down shirt with pleated skirt button down shirtdress green pleated skirt with button down shirt trench coat with button down shirt and leather trousers

Whether you’re aiming for a classic, feminine, or a sophisticated look, wearing your white button-down shirt with sleek and tailored pieces is the key. For a classic look, wear your white button-down shirt with a midi length accordion skirt and polish your outfit with a knitted scarf like fashion blogger Nicole Warne did. Or, to copy Chiara Ferrgani’s style, wear your button-down shirt as a dress and polish your looks with espadrille wedges.

  1. Wear your outfit monochromatically to create a chic and polished look.

button down shirt with pleated skirt button down shirt with white jeans white button down shirt

Whether you’re going to wear white jeans, white culottes, white harem pants, or white skirt with your white button-down shirt, you’ll make your monochromatic outfit look clean, chic, and polished. You may even team different shades of white like cream, bone white, off-white, and even optic white to stylishly wear the winter white trend at the same time. Feel free whether you’re going for all white on your accessories or you’re going to go for contrasting shades.

  1. Wear your white-button down shirts with printed bottoms to create a stylish outfit.

button down shirt with colored skirt button down shirt with pencil skirt button down shirt with striped pencil skirt button-down shirt with artistic skirt

A white button-down shirt is like a blank canvas for you to work on. So, be creative pairing them with brightly printed skirts, shorts, and pants to spice them up. You may stick to classic stripes on pencil skirts if you’re going for a job interview, but graphic print on your skirts paired with a white button-down shirt looks perfect for a creative office environment. You may also look for brightly colored stripes or even color blocked prints on skirts that will make your casual-chic outfit more flirty and playful.

  1. Create unexpected layers with your button-down shirt.

classic button down shirt with flared jeans denim skirt with leather skirt and button down shirt knitted sweater with white button down shirt and jeans plain shirt with striped sweater and miniskirt layered top with checkered skirt button down shirt with tube dress

Like fashion blogger Olivia Palermo, you may think of wearing your white button-down shirts with your tube dress and polish your outfit by wearing a stylish necklace beneath your collars. A scarf, tie, ribbon, brooch, and bow-tie can also be your option to create such artistic looks. You may create multiple and unexpected layers with your button-down shirt by wearing it with a checkered dress and cropped sweater like fashion blogger Blair Eadie did. There are various collars of button-down shirts that can make your layers more stylish. Though pointed and spread collars are the most popular, you may look for button-down shirts with peter pan, mandarin, wing, and round collars that can be left popped out to your outer layers.

Indeed, white button-down shirts can make your style edgy, fresh, and completely unexpected, which makes fashion more fun.

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