5 Creative Ways to Wear the Geometric Trend

Modern, creative, and artistic, geometric trend challenges us to be more expressive in our fashion style. Some women are drawn towards geometric prints while some showcase their artistic skills in layering their outfits. If you want to take the trend a step forward, keep on scrolling for our 5 creative ways to wear the geometric trend.

  1. Get artsy with geometric-inspired accessories.

abstract jumpsuit with yin yang clutch

abstract print dress with cut out striped wedges fishnet boots with knitted dress geometric print dress with duffel bag structured bag with cut out boots and geometric print outfit

If you’re not yet ready to take plunge to the geometric trend wearing sculptural skirt and dresses, try a handbag in a spherical or rectangular shape to allow you having an artistic element without being too bold. Cut-out boots, crisscross sandals, lace up heels, clogs, mules, as well as stripes print on your footwear will give you a carefree look while staying fashionable and laid back. Fashion blogger Micah Gianneli simply revamped her typical knitted dress with a pair of thigh-high boots in cut-out style. If you’re not bold enough for a pair of statement boots, a wide-brimmed hat can also be your versatile option like Blair Eadie did, adding some geometric-inspired element to her outfit.

  1. Think sculptural when styling your outfits.

architectural outfit with heels and socks architectural outfit with leather jacket architectural skirt with crop top leather vest with structured balazer and plaid pants wrap skirt with structured top and classic pumps

To keep you looking chic, not crazy, you may think of styling your outfit in a sculptural way either by opting for structured pieces with sharp edges, or simply layering your outfit to create architectural layers. The a-line skirt, crop top, tulip skirt, wrap skirt, leather jacket, and even coats can be great to create a sculptural outfit. For instance, you may opt for an asymmetrical style of skirt and top and wear it with your leather jacket like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur did. The lapels of your jacket as well as the hemline of your skirt will create a perfectly structured outfit.

  1. Go for architectural structure and cut-out fabrics on your ensembles.

all black cut out outfit architectural cut dress with lace up sandals cut out mido skirt with black top geometric leather dress sheer cut out dress

Try choosing a piece of clothing that makes a dramatic, sculptural shape like a dress with cut-out styles, oversized ruffles, strong pleats and folds in unexpected places. Like Blair Eadie, you may look for creatively cut-out skirts, dresses, tops and pair it with footwear with architectural style like crisscross sandals, lace up shoes, or even gladiator sandals. Just keep in mind that when your outfit looks like a sculpture on the hanger, it will surely look artistic on you.

  1. Go for geometric-inspired embellishment on your fashion pieces.

geometric structured dress geometric mesh dress architectural dress with cute loafers modern jacket with choker metallic silver and black dress

Choosing for ensembles with beads, metallic embellishments, sequins and such can also be great to look creative when wearing the geometric trend. If you’re wearing separates, limit yourself to one bold, artistic item per outfit and pair it with more muted pieces. Any triangular, spherical, rectangular, and structured embellishment will contribute to the geometric-inspired look you’re aiming for. So keep an eye on those pieces.

  1. Select geometric-inspired prints on your outfits.

geometric print jacket with pants geometric print skirt with white top and structured bag geometric print dress with statement earrings colorful geometric dress striped maxi dress

For the simplest and easiest way to nail the trend, go for geometric inspired prints like polka dots, stripes, houndstooth, and even abstract ones to channel your creativity. When wearing a geometric print dress in rich colors, better opt for neutral colored footwear, preferably nude to avoid clashing with your statement piece. If you’re wearing an abstract print dress, you may think of a structured bag in matching shades of your prints to create a more coordinated look.

Indeed, there are so many creative ways to wear the geometric trend that will show off your artistic skills while giving a hint of your personality at the same time.

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