5 Creative Ways to Wear Ruffles

Playful and feminine, ruffles seem a bit tricky to wear since it can easily make your looks childlike and quirky. However, when pulled strategically, ruffles can bring some feminine flair to your boring looks. Looking for creative ways to wear the historically childlike detail? Keep on reading for our 5 creative ways to wear ruffles and bring a high-fashion makeover to your style.

  1. Make use of ruffles to enhance your body features.

off shoulder ruffled crop topw ith printed skirt

pastel yellow ruffled off shoulder dress peplum blouse with full skirt ruffled blouse with striped skirt ruffled one shoulder top with red midi skirt ruffled pastel dress with gingham shoes ruffled white top with straight leg pants

These eye-fooling flounces focus attention away from trouble spots. Think of horizontal ruffles to add some volume to your bust, sleeve ruffles to make your shoulders appear broader, neck ruffles to balance your longer neck, or peplum ruffles to make your hips curvier. Just avoid ruffles on your waist to prevent looking having a muffin top on your outfit. Fashion blogger Blair Eadie creatively wore ruffles on her outfit to enhance her body features while adding some feminine flair to her style. Just stick with plain and streamlined pieces so your ruffles won’t be overshadowed by other striking details.

  1. Wear ruffles to play with the balance and proportions.

pink mermaid skirt with striped top ruffled blouse with chic shorts ruffled cobalt blue dress ruffled dress with fitted dress ruffled skirt with structured jacket ruffled top with vintage skirt ruffled top with wide leg pants

Fashion rules have taught us to pair voluminous with fitted ones and vice versa to create polished and sleek outfits. Blair Eadie creatively added some proportions to her boxy blazer by wearing a ruffled skirt with it, as well as wearing a ruffled off-shoulder top with her wide-leg pants to create a defined waistline on her voluminous outfit. If you have a lean and slender body and wish for a more proportioned figure, then opt for ruffled sleeved blouse with fitting shorts to appear more curvy and shapely like Kristina Bazan did.

  1. Add some flair to your prints with ruffles.

blue lace up maxi dress pink peplum top with white skirt ruffled checkered off shoulder dress ruffled dress with gold wedges ruffled polka dots skirt with white top

Prints and patterns can be fashionable enough but you can make them more statement-making with ruffles. Like fashion blogger Jessica Ricks, opt for a ruffled polka dots skirt to wear with your chic top and create a playful and feminine look. Just be careful wearing ruffles with big scaled prints as it may only make your problem areas look heavier. Just go for prints that look great on your figure and skip those fashionable ones that won’t look flattering on you.

  1. Bring some interest with your outfit by selecting ruffled ensembles.

mermaid skirt with leopard print top pastel green chiffon dress ruffled blouse with jeans ruffled lace up dress with gladiator sandals ruffled off shoulder top with pearl choker and straight leg pants ruffled skirt with blazer

The trick to pulling off ruffles and looking like an adult is to make the ruffles the focal point of your outfit and make sure it’s dramatic and structured enough to dress up your timeless pieces. If wearing jeans with your basic tops bore you, then trade them with a ruffled top that’s enough to make a statement to your outfit. Just go for dramatic and structured ruffles that look so elegant and sophisticated over those mini frills that look bulky and shabby.

  1. Create some unexpected street looks with ruffles.

ruffled top with striped pants ruffled pink dress with color blocked sandals ruffled pastel blue dress festive ruffled outfit avant garde white ruffled dress

Pieces with exaggerated ruffles, voluminous frills, and structured flounce can bring some unexpected or even avant-garde look to your street style. Just be careful on wearing feminine shades, especially pink and purple, with exaggerated ruffles to avoid looking childlike. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, you may think of a white dress with ruffles on its design that looks very dreamy, whimsical, and fairytale-like, but the same time feminine and chic. If pink is your favorite color, then copy fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur’s style of wearing a pink dress with a pair of color blocked sandals to make your style intentional and playful.

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