5 Creative Ways to Wear Neutrals

Neutral palette is the most versatile and classic shades you may go for when building a timeless style. However, these colors can easily tend to look dull and boring since they don’t give a pop of bright to your outfits. When you’re a woman looking for a timeless style that can last for a lifetime, keep on reading for our creative ways to wear neutrals.

  1. Go monochromatic with the neutral shade that flatters you.

camel dress with strappy sandals

velvet boots with all black outfit coat with monochrome outfit

Going monochromatic on your outfit doesn’t mean wearing the same shades head-to-toe. White has the shades of cream, ivory, and bone white while brown has the shades of camel, beige, and tan that belong to the same color but of different hues. You may try to mix and match these shades on your outfit to create a cohesive and sleek monochromatic outfit. Also, go for the neutral-shade that flatters your skin tone. While pale women might look washed out with black and gray, fair complexions will look perfect in them.

  1. Creatively wear solid blocks of neutral shades in your outfit.

black jacket with neutral outfit and gray boots neutral outfit with structured coat and boots camel coat with white pants and beige shawl brown leather skirt with gray top and animal print pumps blue jeans and blazer with gray shawl and boots

Solid blocks of neutral shades like white, camel, brown, denim blue, gray, black and such can still have its perfect combination though it will actually work altogether. Have you think of wearing denim blue with gray, as well as gray with brown? Fashion blogger Veronica Popoiacu creative wore these colors that created a neutral but modern look. If you wish to keep your looks classic, then stick to the color combinations of brown and white, black and white, and brown and navy that looks so sophisticated and elegant.

  1. Create fabric contrast to your neutral outfit.

fur coat with chunky sweater and camel pants turtleneck sweater with fur skirt monochrome gray outfit with bright blue pumps fur top with sleek blazer and leather skirt fur coat with skinny jeans and combat boots

Creating fabric contrast to your outfit is one of the keys to make your neutral ensembles stylish. Like Kristina Bazan, think of wearing your chiffon blouse, chunky knit sweater, fur coat, and denim pants that will create a statement themselves. Wearing leather with fur can be a great way to soften the look of the edgy fabric making it more wearable to formal and dressy affairs. Wearing gray shade head to toe can still fashionable as long as you contrast your outfit with wool, knits, fur, and cashmere like Veronica Popoiacu did.

  1. Go for neutral-colored prints to spice up your timeless look.

leopard print pants with tank top and blazer retro print maxi skirt with chiffon top chevron top with pencil skirt and striped pumps

Retro floral, classic stripes, polka dots, houndstooth, leopard print, zebra print, and gingham checks can add some personality to your neutral outfit. Just go for a neutral shade that flatters you, as well as prints that show your personality. Stripes and houndstooth usually convey a classic vibe best suited for a classic fashion personality, while leopard and zebra prints create an edgy and sophisticated statement that will flatter almost everyone. For an office outfit, striped top with a black pencil skirt, as well as leopard print pants with sleek blazer, is appropriate. Just leave your retro floral prints for garden parties and daytime walks in the city.

  1. Add some pop of color to your outfit with bright accessories.

orange bandana scarf with camel coat and edgy boots red mary janes stiletto with striped dress and leggings pink pumps with camel outfit orange leather gloves with white flared pants and black top

If you find your neutral outfits still boring, then add some pop of color with your bright accessories. A hint of orange or pink in a camel outfit may seem unexpected, but it actually makes the outfit fashionable. Wearing unexpected color combinations is now considered trendy, but if you’re not into it, then go for your accessories to wear the look. You may think of a pair of leather gloves, sunglasses, shoes, bag, bracelet, jewelry, and even hats that can make your neutral outfits fashion-forward and voguish.

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