5 Cozy Winter Trends to Try Now

We’re almost in the thick of winter but you know it’s never too late to get yourself a new pair of boots or a gorgeous cape to top off your winter outfits or any other addition to your winter wardrobe that you could think of. If you’re still in the process of completing your winter wardrobe (does it ever end, though?) check out these cozy winter trends to try out now.

  1. High neck knits – this year, trends from the 90s have come back bigger and better and one of those trends are high neck turtleneck knits. These are very comfy and cozy and they’re the perfect way to add some relaxed and laidback vibe to any winter look. especially when they’re worn oversized and paired up with a skirt.turtleneck layered with a shirt
    turtleneck top
  2. Puffer jackets – they may be a little tricky to pull off without looking chunkier and,,, well… puffier but once you figure out the secret to wearing puffer jackets, you’ll be convinced that they’re one of the best things to ever happen in your life. They’re comfy, their warm and they come in so many colors and designs that you’re sure to find one that will go with your style.puffer jacket puffer jacket and turtleneck top
  3. Faux fur pieces – if you’re all about going against animal cruelty but still want to get the luxurious look of fur, faux is the way to go. Faux fur has long been a winter favorite for many but this year, it’s quickly becoming one of the hottest returning trends again, coming back with better color choices and more stylish designs.faux fur pink coat faux fur vest outfit
  4. Plaid – whether it’s a full on plaid flannel shirt or a cute little jumper with plaid piping details, you know that this print pattern is one of the hottest trends for winter this year. In the past, we have embraced plaid in fall but now the print has crossed over to our winter wardrobes and are making our everyday winter outfits look even cozier.plaid coat plaid skirt and oversized gray cardi
  5. Texture play – texture play is a styling technique that you usually use to prevent monochromatic looks from looking boring but this winter, this styling trick has turned into a trend and fashionsitas all over the world are mixing and matching winter textures in one outfit like it’s nobody’s business. Texture play allows you to create warm and cozy outfits without sacrificing style. It’s the perfect way to make a simple, basic outfit look more interesting, too.

winter texture play winter texture play leather with suede and wool

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