5 Closet Detox Tips from Stylists

While changing seasons is a great time to hit the reset button when it comes to your style and closet, that doesn’t mean you need an entire reboot. So, let’s scoop some tricks from stylist Jenny Greenstein that will help you cut through the clutter, separate yourself from nostalgic purchases—along with items that simply don’t fit, and leave behind only the true gems that form the basis of an empowered wardrobe.

  1. Give yourself ample time to go through your closet in its entirety.

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There’s something about the dresses you haven’t worn in years and blouses with tags waiting for the right occasion that totally stumps you. Detoxing your overstuffed closet may mean taking a full weekend day or two. To fully cleanse your wardrobe, you need to consider each item in your closet and work it from top to bottom, including secondary items like shoes, accessories, and outerwear.

  1. Get rid of negativity.

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Holding on to items that don’t fit or that you feel nostalgic about but don’t wear can only create negative associations to your wardrobe. If something hasn’t been worn in over a year, it likely needs to go, unless it’s a special occasion item. Remember, your closet must flatter your current body and lifestyle, not you were last five years. That’s the reason why nothing in your closet shouldn’t fit or something you’re waiting for special occasion. This is especially true if you have a limited closet space. However, if you have to store these items because you simply can’t part with them, remove them from your closet and put them in storage boxes.

  1. Hold a fit session.

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If you’re questioning an item, try it on before you decide to keep or toss it. If you like it, but it doesn’t fit as you wish, take it to a tailor or get rid of it. There are many items we may like, but sometimes the silhouette doesn’t make us feel like our best selves. “When I ask clients questions like, ‘When is the last time you wore this?’ and ‘How do you feel when you wear this?’ it helps me zero in on what’s really worth keeping. Then, I help them style those keep items in ways they’d never consider, so they wind up with a new perspective on their wardrobe,” Greenstein says. Remember, there are plenty of options to go around, so understand your body type and find what looks great on you.

  1. Ensure an empowered wardrobe.

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Your wardrobe should help you feel like your most beautiful and empowered self. As you work through each item, ask yourself questions like, “When is the last time I wore this? How do I feel when I wear this? Does this item best represent who I am? Does this item fit — or am I saving it with future hopes of a different shape? Am I emotionally attached to this item and why?” Greenstein says. By evaluating each piece, you’ll be able to decide whether to keep or toss it.

5. Organize.

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After completing the detox portion, organizing your closet for future days of getting dressed is the key. You may keep like items together and organize them by classification. You may even set them by color to keep them looking beautiful and enticing. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to detox your closet strategically.

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