5 Clever Ways To Cover Up Your Swimsuit

Summer never really starts until the Fourth and now that we are well into the middle of July, I’m pretty sure a lot of you have or are planning to hit the coastal towns already. Spreading some blankets and lounge chairs by white sand beaches. Or maybe sauntering your gorgeous bods on the poolside.

Whichever you have planned for this summer, swimsuits will definitely be a constant presence. And with swimsuits come the cover ups.

But let’s face it: the simple wrapped-like-towel approach isn’t so chic anymore. Not when there are so many clothes to use as a stylish swimsuit cover up.

Below are five fashionista favorites that you can definitely wear for the next beach excursion.

Caftans as swimsuit cover ups

Because of its loose shape, caftans are amazing for any body sizes. It is also very to slip on and off since it’s like wearing a loose, oversized tee. Caftans often have flowing silhouettes which creates this romantic vibe to your overall look. The apparel’s practicality combined with its laidback charm makes it a wonderful swimsuit cover up.white caftan

printed caftan

Laces and crochets as swimsuit cover ups

The duality of laces and crochets does not go unnoticed. They can be a subtle yet sexy cover up, with your swimwear and beach body partially exposed under the see-through fabric. But, when layered with a similar-colored dress or skirt, these can also be a quick yet charming summer look.

crochet dress lace dress

Maxi dresses or skirts as swimsuit cover ups

You would not have thought totally covering your legs in a beach could happen before. But it did now. Maxi dresses and skirts have become popular choices as swimsuit cover ups. But we are still talking about a beach outfit here, so opting for a sleeveless maxi dress or a tank top to pair with the maxi skirt is highly suggested. No one wants to go completely covered up in a beach.maxi skirt maxi dress

Sarong as swimsuit cover up

It is usually underestimated but if you get creative, sarongs can be flexible. You can turn it into a dress, a romper or a skirt—depending on how you wrap it around you. With sarong, you get the freedom on how you want your cover up to look and how much of your swimsuit you want to cover.

sarong dresssarong Olivia Palermo

Jumpsuits and rompers as swimsuit cover ups

If you will be staying away from the beach or poolside for a long time, but have plan on going back afterwards, jumpsuits and rompers are great cover ups to wear. You would want to choose ones that are made in cotton or any other lightweight fabric. Silk or similar textiles may not be as tolerant when damp—more so when completely wet.

jumpsuit lace up romper

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