5 Classic Style Lessons from Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot is one of the biggest and most iconic style icons from the 60s and the 70s. Thanks to her impeccable style and her alluring sex appeal, many women from back then looked up to her for inspiration on beauty and style. Brigitte Bardot started several trends back in her day which, up to now, continue to hold a soft spot in every fashionista’s closet. If you’re just as smitten by her style as I am, check out these classic style lessons from Brigitte Bardot.

  1. Simple is sexy

Sometimes, when you want to look chic, fab or sexy, you tend to over-think your outfit and end up with too much going on which can sometimes lead to fashion faux pas. This is a mistake we’ve all made at some point, at least once. Looking at Brigitte Bardot, though, you’ll see that sometimes it’s better to come up with a simple but straightforwardly sexy outfit instead of a complicated one.simple but sexy outfit

simple and sexy outfit inspired by brigitte bardot

  1. Baring your shoulders will never go out of style

The off-shoulder trend just made a huge comeback recently and if there’s one thing I know about it, it’s that this style has re-surfaced plenty of times before, becoming even more appealing to fashionistas all over the world than the previous times. It’s teasingly sexy and playful but also cute and chic. If you’re looking for a style that you can wear for the years to come, choose the off shoulder style.off shoulder outfit off shoulder top and shorts

  1. Flats are a must in any wardrobe

It doesn’t matter that you were born with fabulous heels on. No matter who you are, you need flats in your life, especially ballerina-style ones. They’re the perfect alternative to heels for aching feet. Brigitte Bardot was able to pull off several sexy looks wearing ballet flats and you can do the same.flats and outfit inspired by brigitte bardot flats with straps and buckles

  1. Play up your curves

Many women commit the mistake of hating their curves when, really, they should be loving it. If there’s one thing Brigitte Bardot was good at, it’s dressing up her curves. She never hid them in loose, unshapely silhouettes but always flaunted them in the most flattering way and that’s something every woman should learn how to do.curves dressed right curvy look

  1. Develop a signature style and stick to it

Every woman should have a certain style she does best that people can associate her with. Analyze your style. Do you like the comfort that the Boho / gypsy style has to offer or do you like looking chic and posh with just the right hint of that street style vibe? Does your style lean more towards the athletic side or are you more girly? Once you have that established, you can start building your own signature style, one outfit at a time.

signature street style kendall alexa chung style

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