5 Chic Ways to Wear a Peasant Top

This summer, equipping your wardrobe with fun and light pieces that will keep you cool and stylish under the hot summer sun is a must. If there’s one thing that I think women should have in their summer wardrobes, it’s the peasant top. They’re not very popular and they’re definitely not a passing trend for the season but they have been around for quite a long time now and they never really went out of style and I think it’s because of the simplicity of this piece. Wearing a peasant top is perfect for creating casual summer looks. This piece has a very easy and laidback vibe to it and is perfect for when you just want something relaxed. If you’re curious about styling one, check out these 5 chic ways to wear a peasant top.

  • Embroidered – embroidered pieces are one of summer’s hottest trends and one really pretty way to rock this trend is to wear an embroidered peasant top. An embroidered peasant top is ideal if you want to do a Bohemian chic kind of look. I personally prefer a white peasant top with colorful embroidery details on it but you can always wear other colors as well if you want to give your look a more summery feel. You’ll find lots of embroidered peasant tops out there and whether to go for a fully embroidered one or not is up to you.

embroidered peasant top

red embroidery peasant top

  • In a plain and solid color – if your style leans more towards the minimalistic area, choose to wear a peasant top in a plain and solid color and pair it with something equally simple like jeans for a casual summer daytime look or shorts for a more fun, young and hip look. Keep your accessories on the down low to keep the minimalistic look going or add a pop of color if you want to make it a bit more livelier.

plain white peasant top plain and simple

  • Printed – another pretty way to wear peasant tops is to wear them printed. Summer is all about wearing fun and quirky prints so why not take those to your peasant top and have fun mixing and matching prints with other prints or prints with other solid colors. If quirky prints are not your thing, you can always stick to conventional designs like florals, stripes, chevron and what not.

modern printed peasant top printed peasant top

  • Off the shoulder – if you want a sexier take on the rather conservative peasant top, a flirty alternative to this would be an off the shoulder peasant top. Aside from looking sexier with a subtle hint of flirtiness, the off the shoulder peasant top also has a more modern look to it that any glam girl would enjoy anytime.

black off the shoulder off the shoulder peasant top

  • Oversized – peasant tops are not meant to be worn skin tight / fitted but rather loose and easy with just enough space for you to wiggle and move around in. One really creative way to wear it, though, is as a beach cover up and if you are planning to wear it like so, it would be advisable for you to get a peasant top a size or two bigger than your normal size.

cover up embroidered beach cover up

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