5 Chic Ways to Style Your Draped Tops

Whether it’s a crossover blouse, fold front blouse, or loose button-down shirt, draped tops are often challenging to pull off as they are slouchy and oversized. However, they’re perfectly stylish in keeping with directional fashion making your looks more trendy and effortless. Looking for chic ways to style your draped tops? Keep on reading to scoop some of our styling tricks.

  1. Tuck your draped tops into your skirts, shorts, and trousers for a polished look.

burgundy blouse and skirt

button down shirt with casual skirt white blouse with green pants draped top with chic shorts and blazerdraped top with draped skirt

Tucking-in has been the ideal trick to tame the loose silhouette of your tops. We have been taught of wearing loose tops with tight bottoms and body-fitting tops with billowy bottoms. But, you can still wear your draped blouses with your draped skirts as long as you keep your waist definition. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, always create a defined waist whether you’re tucking your draped tops tightly or somewhat loose to create an effortless look. Or else, your waist will look as wide as your hips.

  1. Do the half-tuck on your draped tops to make it look trendy.

draped blouse with orange trousers draped blouse with white skinny jeans draped top with colorful skirt half-tucked sirt with boyfriend jeans polka dots top with yellow skirt

The draped tops lend itself well to the semi-tuck and add an unstructured integrity to structured bottoms. If you’re planning to wear full skirts with an unstructured silhouette, do the half-tuck on your front blouse by tucking in the hem on your front side and letting your rear hem hang loosely at the back to balance the billowy and loose structure of your outfit. If you’re wearing a draped shirt, then tuck the half part of your shirt and let the other side not tucked. To make your looks more polished, you may think of wearing your draped tops with body-fitting skirts, jeans, and trousers.

  1. Let your draped tops hang loosely for an effortless look.

polka dots top with skinny pants draped top with shorts draped top with casual shorts

The loose drape is elegant, chic, and playful as their unstructured silhouette gives your classic looks an effortless and laid back vibe. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may think of letting your draped tops loose and not tucked into your bottom pieces. She added some playful twist to her relaxed style by wearing her draped top with a pair of chic shorts, and a pair of leggings for a modern classic look. The shape works well on women with broader shoulder lines and shorter necks because broad shoulders fill out the silhouette and V-necklines elongate the neck while it’s also forgiving over the midriff that can be dressed up or down.

  1. Add some structure to your draped tops with tailored blazers and coats.

cape with chic outfit checkered top with structured blazer draped top with cardigan and pants pastel pink office outfitpastel coat with draped top and shorts

The unstructured integrity of the draped blouse is also its downside, making you feel shapeless and unattractive if your goal is to show off your shape. So, add some structure to your draped tops with structured blazers, tailored jackets, modern capes, and architectural style of coat for where their lapels give you a slimmer and more defined waist visually. If you’re wearing a dark top, prefer a lighter blazer to create higher contrast as well as wearing a darker color on your coats with your light colored tops.

  1. Wear your draped tops in unexpected layers.

polka dots sweater with draped shirt and cuffed jeans layered top with cropped pants cropped sweater with shirt and pants

Wearing your draped tops in unexpected layers makes your style more creative and fashionable. Like Blair Eadie, you may think of wearing a cropped sweater, knitted sweater, or even a crop top with your draped blouse, and top it with a structured coat to give you some structured look. This way, you’ll look more fashion-forward on your style without worrying about your flaws.

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