5 Chic and Foolproof Ways to Wear Velvet

If you’re looking for a fabric slightly more luxurious than what you wear everyday but not as fancy as silk or cashmere, velvet may just be what you need. This fabric is also a great choice if you’re looking for something that will slightly take you back to the 90s without really making you look like you’re stuck in the past with no plans of moving on. If you’re not sure how to pull it off, check out our top 5 ways to wear velvet below.

  • CLASSIC MAROON – if you’re already overwhelmed by the thought of wearing velvet, take it easy and take it slow. Go for the classic oxblood hue instead of experimenting with other colors. Velvet in maroon is also easier to mix and match with your usual fall staples since it blends right in with the ‘rich, warm, deep and dark’ color scheme. Not to mention, classic maroon velvet is so much easier to find as well.maroon velvet shorts
    maroon velvet jacket maroon velvet shorts
  • A LITTLE AT A TIME – another easy way to pull off velvet when you’re still a little overwhelmed by it is to incorporate a little bit of it with your outfits at a time. Try starting off with a small item like a velvet miniskirt or a velvet crop top that won’t stand out too much. Doing this makes velvet a lot more forgiving and easier to pull off.velvet miniskirt velvet jacket
  • STATEMENT PIECE – now, if you’re someone who likes to go bold and all out on new things, perhaps a velvet statement piece is something that might tickle your fancy. A cute velvet dress, an oversized slouchy velvet cardigan, a matching velvet set – whatever it may be, as long as you think you can rock it and own it, go ahead and wear it!statement velvet dress statement velvet suit set
  • ACCENT OR ACCESSORY – for a subtler look, wear your velvet as an accent to your whole outfit or as an accessory to complement your look instead. A pair of velvet loafers can give your outfit that fall vibe you need to complete it. A velvet purse can give your outfit a touch of luxe while a velvet choker can bring back so much 90s look and feel to your look. Not into velvet accessories? Try a velvet manicure instead. It’s a fantastic way to give your nails some interesting texture and a super subtle way to have something velvet going on with your outfit du jour.accessorized with ysl velvet purse accessorized with velvet shoes
  • TEXTURE PLAY – one of the things I love about velvet is its texture. It’s smooth and soft and it can really make you feel lush and luxurious. It’s also perfect for playing with the textures within your look. Pair it up with leather for an awesome ‘sweet and edgy’ combo or with lace for a Victorian-ish vibe. Experiment with different textures and give your outfit a more interesting look each time.

texture play velvet and fur texture play with velvet and lace

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