5 Celebrity Long Hairstyles You Can Try Out

Remember the saying “long hair, don’t care?” Well, if you are deeply in love with your long locks, worry not as you will never run out of hairdo ideas. Revitalize your look each and everyday with these celebrity long hairstyles you ought to try out.

Dakota Johnson: Windswept Waves

Famous to many as Anastasia in the Fifty Shades movie franchise, Dakota Johnson has shown that she’s more than just a celebrity spawn. With her current looks, it shows that Dakota is a fashion icon as well! In fact, she has one of the celebrity long hairstyles that you ought to try out. Her sexy windswept waves are very easy to achieve, as all you need to do is loosely wrap your tresses around a curling wand.

dakota hair

dakota long hair dakota wavy hair

Cara Delevingne: Bedhead Look

If you are on the lookout for low-maintenance celebrity long hairstyles, then Cara Delevingne is the icon you should emulate. The model-cum-actress, who is known for her androgynous style, is popular for her bedhead look. She literally owns an “I woke up like this look!” While it might be tempting to go to work without combing your hair, do try to smooth your from-bed locks before going out of the house.

cara long hair cara long hairdo cara hairstyle

Anna Kendrick: Parted Hair

If you want to achieve glamorous celebrity long hairstyles, then Anna Kendrick’s parted hair is what you need to try out. This vintage look can be achieved simply by slicking back your hair on one side. Once this is done, use a large curling iron to recreate Anna’s dramatic hairdo.

anna kendrick hairstyle anna hair

Ariana Grande: Kitten Pony

Want to look as youthful and playful as Ariana Grande? Apart from coveting her make-up, one way to emulate her style is to copy any of her celebrity long hairstyles. For a hairdo that will draw the attention of others, then fix half of your hair in a super-high kitten pony. Even if you don’t have the hair pouf to achieve Ariana’s style, you can get the same degree of drama by using clip-on hair extensions.

ariana ponytail ariana hair ariana half pony

Zoe Kravitz: Long Braids

Are you up for a laidback, reggae chic look? Then the celebrity long hairstyles of actress Zoe Kravitz are what you need to try out.  It goes to show that “like mother, like daughter” holds true as Zoe’s hair is a splitting image of that of her mother’s – Lisa Bonet. Even if you don’t have luscious long locks, you can achieve Zoe’s lengthy braids with the use of hair extensions.

zoe long hair zoe kravitz hair zoe braids

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