5 Celebrity Hairstyle Trends for Summer

With this heat, it is imperative that you look hot! Achieve a sizzling look with these celebrity hairstyle trends to try out this summer.

Beyonce and Kylie Jenner: High Ponytail

Summer can be sweltering hot so you might be tempted to wear your hair up at all times. Breathe life into your usual ponytail style by emulating the high ponytail, just one of the many celebrity hairstyle trends. To achieve Kate or Queen B’s stunning looks, make sure that your tresses are at the level of your cheekbone. Then again, you can go higher than this if you want. Secure your locks with an elastic. If you want, you can take a small portion of your hair and wrap it around the elastic.

beyonce ponytail

kylie ponytail

Jennifer Lopez: Sky High Knot

Another one of the easy celebrity hairstyle trends to achieve is that of J. Lo’s sky high knot. To get the Latina beauty’s look, apply volumizing mousse on your damp locks and blow-dry them while using a round brush. Gather these voluminous tresses in a high knot for a sleek, fuss-free summer look.

jlo bun jlo high bun

Joan Smalls and Kelly Rowland: Braided Half up, Half Down

Braids are some of most popular celebrity hairstyle trends for summer. Well, you can follow suit – without going all out – by trying Joan or Kelly’s braided half up, half down hairstyle. To achieve this look, gather two sections above your hair. Twist said sections into a plait. With the use of bobby pins (anchored in an X,) secure the braided locks at the back of your head. No need to blow-dry as the hot summer air will do it for you!

joan braided halfup kelly half up hair

Rihanna and Lorde: Low-Key Curls

Do you want to achieve an “I just got out of bed” look – the sophisticated and elegant way? Then Rihanna or Lorde’s celebrity hairstyle trends of low-key curls are what you are looking for. To achieve such beach-worthy celebrity hairstyle trends, first spritz sea salt water spray onto your tresses. Pull one side of your hair and anchor your locks with bobby pins. Spray on some more hairspray on your strands to protect your beachy curls from the elements.

rihanna curlslorde curly

Nathalie Emmanuels and Tahylor Swift: Vava-Voom Volume

If you have natural hair, then now’s the time to embrace it! After all, you can easily achieve the hottest celebrity hairstyle trends, such as that of Nathalie Emmanuels and Taylor Swift To get this trademark look, apply styling crème at the base, and wrap lotion at the ends. If there are locks that have lost shape, you can go ahead and use your curling iron on it. Apply dry shampoo your roots for a voluminous look that’s worthy of the red carpet.

nathalie curlstaylor curls

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