5 Celebrity Braided Hairstyles for Spring

Braided hairstyles are perfect for springtime! If you are looking for hairdo ideas for work or for play, then make sure to follow any of these cute celebrity braided hairstyles for spring.

Olivia Palermo: Low-Key Fishtail French Braid

Olivia Palermo never fails in looking elegant. However, she knows when to look laidback as well. Case in point: her low-key celebrity braided hairstyles. The fashion icon is often seen in her low-key fishtail French braid, which she wears in casual strolls and red carpet gala events. The key to achieving Olivia’s fuss-free look? Let stray hairs be. The semi-disheveled look is the in thing, anyway!

olivia fishbraid

olivia french braid

Amy Shumer: Messy Braid

Funny girl Amy Shumer is the concrete proof that not all celebrity braided hairstyles have to be sleek and polished. Her 5-minute messy braid, in fact, is one of the best styles to try this spring. After all, it requires little prep time – which is a good thing if you are a girl who is always on the go. To get Amy’s cool-girl look, add some volume into your top crown. If there are stray hairs, don’t worry – that’s why it is called a messy braid in the first place!

amy braided hair amy shumer hair

Drew Barrymore: Carefree Side Braid

Messy celebrity braided hairstyles are very popular nowadays. Apart from Amy’s look, Drew’s carefree side braid is another style that you will thoroughly enjoy. The actress’ disheveled look can attributed to her layered hairstyle, wherein the smaller strands get away from the security of the braid. If you have the same hairstyle as that of Drew, you can definitely pull this off! Don’t worry about stray hairs, because those actually improve the look!

drew braid drew barry more braid

Charlize Theron: Unique Crown Braid

Most celebrity braided hairstyles involve most of the front hair. But that’s not the case with Charlize’s unique crown braid. She makes use of the regular braiding style in the side and gathers them in a unique bun. In a way, it’s like a crown braid that went spontaneously with the hairdresser’s hands. With that being said, this hairdo is a good choice for days when you want to go with the flow.

charlize braid charlize theron braid

Jessica Alba: Peek-a-boo Braid

Celebrity braided hairstyles need not be very obvious. If you want a subtle way to incorporate braids into your hairstyles, then your fashion idol should be Jessica Alba. Like the olive-toned actress, you can have half of your hair braided for a fierce look. As for nighttime events, you can have a small head of hair braided – and afterwards incorporate it into your sleek bun.

jessica braided hair jessica braid jessica alba braid

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