5 Bright and Colorful Pieces for Your Capsule Wardrobe

Creating a capsule wardrobe is easy if you know exactly what you’re going for. Many women believe that having a ton of pieces to choose from in your closet is key to achieving a stylish look every single day, especially when you’re the type who loves color and while having that luxury would be nice, it’s just not practical, especially for women on a budget. So, why not build a capsule wardrobe instead? You might think capsule wardrobe means boring, neutral colors but that’s not totally true. You can have a capsule wardrobe that’s as fun and as colorful as you like. Here are some bright and colorful pieces for your capsule wardrobe.

  1. Pastel tie-dye dress – pastel tie dye dresses are great for adding a pretty splash of color to your outfit. If you want to wear some color but don’t want anything too bold and loud, this is the perfect way to go. Finish up with neutral accessories to keep everything chic and classy.pastel tie dye dress
    pastel tie dye spring and summer dress
  2. Colored basics – things like tank tops, t-shirts, flats, jeans, and the like are what many of us consider to be wardrobe basics but just because they’re basic doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Go for colored / colorful basic pieces and start building your capsule wardrobe around it for simple but fun, chic, and stylish looks all the time.basic colorful dress basic yellow shirt
  3. Metallic shoes – whether you’re a fan of flats or a lover of heels, wearing metallic shoes is sure to brighten up your look! If you feel that the outfit you have on lies a bit on the plain and simple side and you want something that will bring it to life but don’t want to wear anything too loud and bold, all you need is a pair of metallic shoes to finish off your look.metallic green shoes metallic shoes for spring
  4. Mirrored sunglasses – another way to add a nice touch of color to your capsule wardrobe is to wear mirrored sunglasses. These are super chic and they’re one of the top trends for the season, too, plus they’re really easy to pull off no matter what frame shape / style you have on.mirrored blue sunnies mirrored orange glasses
  5. Rainbow striped pieces – rainbow stripes are everywhere so why not take the trend and incorporate it into your capsule wardrobe? Having rainbow stripes can really help you create a more unique and interesting look, even when you’re living off of a capsule wardrobe.rainbow stripes overload rainbow chevron stripes



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