5 Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Happy Easter Sunday, everyone! Today is a day filled with eggs painted in pastel and bright colors. But you don’t have to wait for Easter to bring color to your life.

dark to light ombre

Ombre is a hair trend that has been around for a couple of years now. And we are still loving this hair trend to this day. Our beloved ombre hair trend is going bolder and bolder by the season. And for this year 2016, we are seeing unusual hair colors surfacing as some of the most popular and trendy colors of the season. Before, maybe a general consensus’s most favored hair colors are those that are natural on others–red, blonde, brown, and black. But now we are getting bolder in experimenting different colors for our gorgeous locks. Here are some of the best ombre hair color ideas you can try out this year!

1. Blonde on Blonde

Just because you are naturally blonde–or maybe you were trying out a blonde hair recently–does not mean you can pull off a blonde ombre. There are so many shades of blonde out there ranging from strawberry blonde to platinum. And you can have your pick for a subtle yet amazingly gorgeous ombre hair. I recommend going for the dark roots and light edges when you want to opt for a blonde ombre as this will prevent from looking like you are getting older with “white” hair.

blonde on blondeblonde ombre

2. Red

Here is another hair color that some people consider natural–especially over there at the Europe regions. Like with blonde, you can opt to pair red hair dye with something that is or is not the same red. For instance, this bespectacled lady below had this awesome ombre hairstyle that goes dark red on the roots, scarlet around the middle, and then strawberry blonde at the edges. It’s a very gorgeous look especially when you’ve got a punk, modern grunge style as hers.

red ombreblack to red ombre

3. Turquoise

Onto the unusual hair colors, the first up in our list is turquoise. A color that reminds us fondly of mermaids with its marine hue. Turquoise was definitely one of the most beloved color of recent years, not only found in the hair world but also in fashion, interior design and beauty worlds. We have seen big A-listers pulling off a turquoise and black ombre hair a few seasons ago like Kylie Jenner and Demi Lovato. Even now, the turquoise hair color trend is a much-loved unusual hair color.

black and turquoise Kylie turquoise ombre  

4. Purple

When Katy Perry debuted her purple locks back in 2012, it gave the hair industry an idea. But it wasn’t until around two years later in 2014 when the color became a widely-accepted and found widely wearable in the streets. Today, with the dash of pastel peaking up as one of the trendiest shades to try out for your new hair color, we’ve got purple ombre hairstyle in a candy-like shade and we are totally loving it!

purple ombrepastel ombre

5. Pastel Shades

It certainly has been the time of pastel this past couple of years and we have incorporated it into our crowning glories. You could try ombre hairstyle with pastel edges or a pastel on pastel look.

ombre on the edges  brown to pink ombre

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