5 Belts You Need In Your Wardrobe

Belts may not be a big part of your everyday outfit but there’s a pretty good reason to make them so. Though quite subtle, adding a belt can add lots of substance and style to your look. It can emphasize your curves and flatter your figure. It can accentuate and bring out the best in your outfit and it can also make your whole look more stylish and more chic. Here are the 5 belts you need in your wardrobe for more fabulous outfits every time.

  • LEATHER BELT – the classic leather belt is a must in every girl’s closet. This is the belt you can consider as your go-to belt for all outfits – from a basic t-shirt and jeans look to something a littler dressier like leggings and a loose top. Try not to go for the leather belt that your dad or grandpa used to wear. Instead, look for something a little more feminine.

leather belt wide

leather belts

  • FRINGE BELT – if you want something that will give your outfit a fun spring time feel, go for a fringe belt. Pair it up with anything for a unique spring and summer time look or with your favorite denim pieces and boots for a chic look with a generous country vibe.

fringe belt

  • KIMONO OBI BELT – want to add a cute little exotic twist to your look? How about throwing on a kimono belt on top of a loose blouse or even just on top of a plain shirt for some added style? Kimono belts are great for really showing off your curves, too, since these tend to wrap around real snug and cling to your natural shape.

obi bell brown obi belt in teal

  • CHAIN BELT – you may think chain belts are a little too punk or grunge-y but with the right style, chain belts can add a sexy and sophisticated touch to any look. Opt for a decorative belt to make it look more stylish or go for one that’s rather dainty for a softer and more feminine chic look.

chain belt sexy dress chain belt

  • GOLD BELT – “what on Earth do I need a gold belt for?” you may ask. Well, a gold belt will come in handy on days when you need to spruce up and accessorize your look just a little bit to get it to the right level of posh. It’s perfect when you want to look a little more dressed up but not overdressed. If you’re not convinced, check out the outfits below.

gold belt and blue dress gold belt outfit

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