5 Beautiful Outfit Color Combinations for the Holidays

It’s that time of the year again when the holiday parties just never seem to stop. For some, the holiday season is a dread but to fashionistas who love to get dressed, the holiday season is the perfect excuse to wear their favorite festive pieces once more. If you’re stressed about dressing up for the coming parties, check out these beautiful outfit color combinations for the holidays that you can take inspiration from. Sometimes,all you really need is to have the perfect color combo to nail every single holiday party look.

  1. All nude – i know that the idea of an all-nude ensemble may not sound very festive to your right now but, trust me, this is a color combo that you will love for the frantic holiday season. Nude and neutral is always the way to go when you don’t know what to wear for a party. Add a festive touch using accessories and you will be good to go.all-nude-holiday-look
  2. Red and gray – when we think of festive color combos, we usually think of the color red and, along with that, the color green. However, this color combo has been used and sported way too much. For this year’s holiday parties, why not give your outfits a twist by pairing up red with gray.red-and-gray-outfit-for-the-holidays red-and-gray-party-outfit
  3. Silver and blue – this is a classic that we can never have too much of, especially during the holiday season. Silver and blue together just screams winter wonderland, and if you’re the kind of gal who enjoys such vibes then this color combo is definitely for you. Of course, you can liven it up with a pop of something brighter here and there but these two together is already festive enough on their own, for sure.blue-and-silver-simple-and-chic-outfit blue-navy-and-silver-outfit
  4. Black and gold – another color combo that I think looks really good for the holidays is black and gold. Black is such a universally flattering color, there’s no way you won’t look good in it. Throw some gold into the mix and you have yourself a sophisticatedly festive outfit that’s perfect for any kind of holiday get together.black-and-gold-for-the-holidays black-top-and-gold-skirt-outfit
  5. Army green and burgundy – if you’ve always been the kind of gal to keep it low key and simple, perhaps this color combo is just what you need. It may not be as festive as the others but it sure is striking enough to win you that best dressed title in the party, plus it’s gorgeous any time for fall too.army-green-pleated-skirt-and-burgundy-top army-green-and-burgundry


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